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What Is The R-600 Limitless and Untamed Energy Capsule?

What Is The R-600 Limitless and Untamed Energy Capsule?

2021 has been an onslaught of new releases from Apollon Nutrition. Typically during this time of year, many are slowing things down, taking time off of work, and stuffing themselves on all sorts of holiday fare. Not us. We’re still clangin’ and bangin’, bringing you the best supplements possible. In fact, our latest offering is specifically designed to help combat the sloth-like nature that millions across the globe adopt this time of year in R-600.

What is R-600?

R-600 is pure energy to stay motivated, focused, and on point to get more sh*t done each and every day.

Caffeine pills have been around a long time, and they’re “good enough” as they basically contain 100-200mg of caffeine anhydrous, which will give a modest boost of energy for an hour or two. After that though, you’ll start to feel the effects wear off, and then it’s on the hunt for the next energy drink, pre workout, coffee, or soda to boost energy back up. 

As with all of our releases, we looked at the current sad state of affairs and thought, “how can we make this better?”

R-600 was the answer.

It combines three transparently dosed forms of caffeine including:

  • 350mg caffeine anhydrous
  • 200mg Infinergy di-caffeine malate (yielding 150mg caffeine)
  • 200mg caffeine citrate (yielding 100mg caffeine) 

This unique blend means that R-600 delivers the fast acting energy you’ve come to expect from a caffeine pill but hasstaying power.

You’ll have all-day long energy to get more work done at home, in the office, at the gym, and everything else in between!

How Can I Use R-600?

Got a full day of eye-gougingly boring meetings?
Have to pull an all-nighter to finish a project?
Driving cross-country to visit family and friends?
Gearing up for an 8-hour gaming marathon?

R-600 is there to help power you through whatever you need, whenever you need to do it, morning, noon, or night.

Our unique blend of caffeine delivers rapid energy that doesn’t wane for hours and hours. There’s no need to grab yet another sickly sweet energy drink or stale, burnt coffee. 

One capsule delivers all the energy needed to crush your goals for the day and still have enough energy for anything else you want to do.

Stackable with Pre Workout!

R-600 is also a great option to stack with any non-stim pre workout, including Bare Knuckle or Bloody Hell for those days when you’re just looking for a little (or a lot) more oomph! to your pre-workout supplement.

Benefits of R-600

  • Increased energy and alertness*
  • Boosts mental clarity*
  • Heightens motivation*
  • Enhances athletic performance*
  • Reduces the onset of fatigue*
  • Helps reduce feelings of hunger*
  • Boosts energy expenditure*

Who Should Buy R-600?

R-600 is great for anyone who wants to take advantage of the myriad benefits of caffeine without having to bother with the hassle or expense of energy drinks, gourmet coffee, or sugary teas.

Caffeine offers incredible benefits for athletic performance, cognitive function, and calorie burning, meaning it’s a performance enhancer, nootropic, and weight loss supplement all in one!

So, if you need to power up and stay energized through work, workouts, and getting the family ready, R-600 is there for you every minute of the day.


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