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New Overtime V3 Powerful Nootropic Formula with Limitless Energy Is Here!

New Overtime V3 Powerful Nootropic Formula with Limitless Energy Is Here!’s that one precious commodity that no matter how much you try, you can never get more of.

And, that can be a real challenge these days.

The era of the 9-to-5 work day is extinct for a large portion of the workforce, which means you can’t just fuel up in the morning with a couple of cups of coffee and ride the caffeine high until early afternoon.  

Nowadays, you have to be action-ready at a moment’s notice, quite often before 9AM and after 5PM, especially if you’re trying to run your own business and live a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

For the modern business owner, athlete, and everyday person who wants to maximize every second of their day, we’ve created Apollon Nutrition Overtime™.

What is Overtime?

Overtime is an all-in-one energy, focus, and productivity nootropic supplement designed to help you be action-ready day andnight!

Key Differences Between Overtime V2 & V3

As we always do, with each new iteration of a product, we seek to enhance, improve, and optimize, with the goal to deliver to you the best product possible! The new version of Overtime is NO exception.

Notable upgrades in the new version of Overtime are: 

  • INCREASED the dose of PEA from 500mg to 750mg

    PEA is a rapid-acting feel-good compound that enhances energy, motivation, and euphoria.

  • INCREASED the dose Lion’s Mane from 600mg to 750mg

    What’s not to love about Lion’s Mane?! It’s a medicinal mushroom that supports cognitive function and brain health by stimulating nerve growth factor (NGF) -- a brain protein that benefits the growth, development, and survival of neurons.

  • ADDED 75mg of Hordenine

    Hordenine helps prolong the actions of PEA and Eria Jarensis, meaning stronger, longer-lasting energy, euphoria, and “feel-good” vibes

  • ADDED 20mg of Vinpocetine

    Vinpocetine is a powerful nootropic that enhances cerebral blood flow, increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery to neurons for greater mental energy, focus, and productivity.

  • ADDED 100mg of CoffeeBerry® (aka Neurofactor)

    CoffeeBerry is one of our absolute favorite non-stimulant nootropics. It enhances levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which plays a critical role in the development, maintenance and repair of neurons as well as protection against neuro-degeneration.

How to Use Overtime

One of the true strengths of Overtime V3 (beyond its fully-dosed ingredient panel) is its versatility.

Overtime V3 absolutely can be used as a productivity / nootropic supplement to help get more done during the day with greater precision, accuracy, and efficiency, but that just begins to scratch the surface.

Tunnel-Vision Focus Pre Workout

It can also serve as a focus-heavy pre workout supplement on its own, or (one of our personal favorite combinations) is to stack ½-1 serving of Overtime with a full scoop of Bare Knuckle for the ultimate energy, focus, and pump pre workout stack!

All-Day Energy & Focus

As an added bonus, the long-lasting effects of Overtime will keep you focused and energized long after your training session is over, thereby helping avoid the post-workout lull (“crash”) that many of us feel (which, let’s be honest, is quite often due to the pre workout wearing off).

Late-Night Antics

Let’s face it, we all enjoy a good night on the town.


Most often than not, these late night escapades are fueled by a mix of some medicinal, syrupy-tasting energy drink and insipid licorice liquor, which invariably ends with you bent over a toilet or trash can and/or waking up in a pile of arms and legs that you’d rather forget ever happened.

Overtime delivers strong, long-lasting energy and euphoria that’ll keep you going all night long (and even into the next morning) without the unpleasant crash, puking, or hangover.

Flexible Dosing

Overtime packs a lot of energy and focus (it’s called “overtime” for a reason…). 

But, sometimes you don’t need the whole shebang and you only want/need a little bit of energy and focus to get through your day or workout.

The good news is that you can easily adjust how much energy and focus you want.

For instance, if you like to start your day with a cup of coffee (and who doesn’t?!), but need a boost mid-morning/early afternoon, take a ½ serving of Overtime which will keep you going long and strong through the afternoon and early evening.

We’re all different, and depending on a variety of factors (including how much sleep you get), we’re going to want different amounts of energy on a given day.

Overtime allows you to easily adjust the dose based on your wants and needs. For a really long day (and night) after you’ve had next-to-no sleep, you might use a full 8-cap serving of Overtime. And, for a day when you’re well-rested and just looking for an added boost, use ¼-½ serving.


Overtime V3 is HERE!

As always, we’ve improved upon the previous version to bring you an even better product to help you have more energy, get more done, and achieve better results no matter if you’re in the gym or grinding away at the office.

Overtime can be used as an all-day, everyday energy supplement as well as a pre workout, nootropic, study aid, or night-on-the-town fuel. 

Get your bottle of Overtime V3 today and get ready to GO!



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  • can you stack this with assassin pre workout?


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