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What’s New in Apollon Nutrition's Overtime V4 Nootropic?

What’s New in Apollon Nutrition's Overtime V4 Nootropic?

When Overtime erupted on the scene just a few short years ago, it quickly established itself as a high-powered nootropic product, delivering unparalleled energy, focus, mood, and productivity (even at a half-serving).

True to form, Apollon Nutrition is never satisfied with what we’ve done. We continually seek to improve, and that extends to every product in our arsenal (yep, even those that are considered by many to already be the “best of the best”).

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the new Overtime V4 and see just how you take the best and make it even better!

What’s New in Overtime V4

Overtime, as you know all too well, was already stuffed to the gills with nootropics. So, how could we improve it further?

  • 33% more Alpha-GPC (totalin 800mg per full serving!)
  • 50mg KannaEase
  • 300mg of Bacopa Monnieri extract (50% bacosides)
  • 350mg Eria Jarensis (~17% more than Overtime V3!)


Alpha-GPC is a highly bioavailable source of choline that can cross the blood-brain barrier, supporting synthesis of acetylcholine -- the “learning neurotransmitter.” In addition to aiding memory, focus, and learning, acetylcholine is also involved in muscle contractions and the mind-muscle connection!

Alpha-GPC also supports phosphatidylcholine (PC) production, which supports cellular healthy and integrity and helps to stave off age-related cellular breakdown of membrane phospholipids.


KannaEase is a premium form of kanna (sceletium tortuosum) extract that helps support cognitive function and relieve stress. Kanna has a long history of use in South Africa as a “feel-good” herb. This is due to kanna’s actions on serotonin -- a neurotransmitter that impacts mood and feelings of well-being as well as satiety. 

Typical Kanna supplements use much higher doses; however, this is due to a lack of standardization, yielding lower quality, purity, and potency. KannaEase is standardized for active alkaloid payload (0.5% total alkaloids), including mesembrine -- the primary phytoactive component of kanna. A full serving of Overtime V4 delivers 50mg of KannaEase -- 2x more than the average kannaease-containing supplement!

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri is another centuries-old herb, and one of our favorite nootropics/adaptogens, particularly when it comes to supporting mood and memory formation. Rather versatile, bacopa demonstrates many alluring actions, including:

  • Serotonin modulation (i.e. better mood)
  • Neuroprotection
  • Acetylcholinesterase inhibition–- acetylcholinesterase is the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine
  • Choline acetyltransferase activation-- the enzyme that stimulates acetylcholine synthesis
  • Dopamine modulation -- dopamine impacts mood, motivation, focus, and decision-making
  • β-amyloid reduction
  • Increased cerebral blood flow

Furthermore, bacopa has been studied extensively in humans (a rarity for many supplements), and found to aid:

  • Working memory
  • Spatial memory
  • Memory free recall
  • Attention
  • Learning rate
  • Memory consolidation
  • Delayed recall tasks
  • Word recall
  • Visual memory

Bye, Bye Hordenine

Hordenine is a unique alkaloid related to PEA found in algae, barley, and various cacti that helps prolong the effects of feel-good chemicals like PEA and eria jarensis. However, it’s become persona non grata in recent times, plus PEA itself is a competitive inhibitor of MAO -- the same target that hordenine addresses.

As such, to eliminate redundancy and open up room for other, more beneficial, ingredients, we’ve removed hordenine from Overtime V4. Fear not, with the new additions and increased amount of eria jarensis, you’ll still have the same great long-lasting euphoria that you’ve come to expect with every serving of OVERTIME.

But Wait! There’s More…

Plus, the active components in both bacopa monnieri and rhodiola rosea (another adaptogen in OVERTIME) have been shown to inhibit MAO.

What’s the Same?

Overtime V4 retains many of the same elements from the previous version including:

  • 2,000mg L-Tyrosine to support stress-response and dopamine synthesis
  • 750mg Lion’s Mane to aid memory and focus
  • 300mg Rhodiola to support energy and mood
  • 100mg CoffeeBerry to aid cognitive function and mental energy
  • 30mg Noopept to increase Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)
  • 500mg total caffeine (from anhydrous and di-caffeine malate to provide immediate & long-lasting energy)
  • 20mg Vinpocetine to aid cerebral blood flow and nutrient delivery
  • 5mg rauwolscine for added energy, mood, and motivation

The Bottom Line

Our aim with Overtime V4 is simple -- long-lasting energy, mood, and focus to help you get more done, no matter if it’s in the office, in the gym, or out on the town. Overtime can be used by students, professionals, gamers, gym rats, writers, and everyone in-between who’s looking to maximize performance and go the distance!


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