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What Sets Apollon Nutrition's Collagen Apart From The Competition?

What Sets Apollon Nutrition's Collagen Apart From The Competition?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body that provides structure and support. It also plays a role in skin elasticity and joint integrity. Essentially, collagen is the “glue” that holds your bodies together.

However, between 25-30, the body’s ability to synthesize collagen decreases, which leads to aging, reduced skin elasticity, decreased recovery, slower wound healing and impaired joint mobility.

Several other factors can also adversely impact your body’s collagen production, including[1,2,3]: 

  • Excessive sugar consumption
  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight
  • Drinking
  • Smoking 

Furthermore, modern diets aren’t very rich in foods that encourage collagen production (e.g. bone broth, gelatin, etc.).

Fortunately, supplementation with collagen peptides has been found to be an effective and affordable way to support the body’s natural collagen producing prowess, thereby aiding joint health, beauty, recovery, and body composition. 

In true Apollon Nutrition style, we didn’t just do the same thing as every other brand out there with a collagen supplement (i.e. 10-20 grams of collagen with a sprinkling of hyaluronic acid).

We combed through the research and evaluated the ingredient landscape to develop a superior option for those individuals seeking a supplement that matches their demanding lifestyle. The result is Apollon COLLAGEN! 

Our premier collagen supplement contains a unique blend of collagen peptides, vitamins, and antioxidants that nourishes, fortifies, and hydrates your body’s most essential structures, helping you to perform, recover, and look your best!

Benefits of COLLAGEN

  • Enhances collagen production
  • Supports healthy joints
  • Supports wound healing
  • Stronger hair & nails
  • Anti-Aging
  • Radiant, youthful skin

COLLAGEN Ingredients


Collagen peptides have been extensively studied and found to offer a number of benefits in regards to joint health, skin firmness, wrinkle reduction, and more.  

Naticol is a select blend of natural fish collagen peptides, which offers high levels of purity, a robust nutritional profile, and documented health benefits.

Marine collagen has been researched in both humans and animals, and it has been found possess beneficial activities, including[4]:

  • Anti-hypertension
  • Anti-skin aging
  • Anti-ulcer
  • Longevity 

Supplementation with as little as 2.5 grams per day of Naticol has been found to significantly improve skin firmness, skin complexion and skin radiance.[5]

Other studies find that supplementation with 10 grams per day of Naticol for 12 weeks improves osteoarthritis symptoms.[6] 

Additional animal research indicates that supplementation with Naticol may improve body composition and attenuate fat gain when eating a high-fat diet.[7]

Marine vs Bovine Collagen

Bovine collagen is the form of collagen used in most collagen supplements on the market. While they are effective and safe, based on research, marine collagen peptide molecules are typically smaller in size compared to bovine collagen, which means they are slightly more bioavailable and absorbable.

Both are rich in the key building blocks of collagen (proline, hydroxyproline, glycine, etc.), but marine collagen contains Types I & II collagen.

FYI, type I collagen is the form of collagen most prevalent in the body.

Bovine collagen primarily contains types I & III collagen.

Does Marine Collagen Taste/Smell Like Fish?

For those of you concerned about any “fishy” taste or smell with marine collagen, rest easy -- Naticol is flavorless and odorless. It also mixes easily, making it a great addition to smoothies, intra-workout or post-workout shakes, soups, oatmeal, yogurt, etc.

KollaGen II-XS™

KollaGen II-XS is a specialized collagen type II hydrolysate that is certified to contain 55–70% Collagen Type II. It also contains 30–45% mucopolysaccharides (including chondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid) which serve as the key components of joint cartilage. 

KollaGen II-XS is intended to support collagen production, soothe joints, reduce joint friction, and support active lifestyles. 

Research has found that daily supplementation with KollaGen II-XS may reduce pain and significantly improve joint comfort and functionality.[8]


Developed by NuLiv Science, Astrion is a premium blend Astragalus membranaceus and Centella asiatica to aid hydration, enhance firmness, and revitalize your skin. 

Research indicates that Astrion increases type I collagen production by 60% in the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and 80% in the middle layer (dermis). Additional studies suggest that Astrion supplementation may help reduce the number and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This occurs via increased endogenous production of collagen and hyaluronic acid as well as increased absorption of key collagen components, such as proline and glucosamine.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a component of the extracellular matrix and plays a key role in skin hydration. It should come as no surprise then that hyaluronic acid (HA) has been identified as one of the markers concerning the appearance of skin aging.

Hyaluronic acid has a fairly short half-life, lasting a mere 3-5 minutes in the blood, less than 24 hours in the skin, and 7-21 days in the cartilage.[10]

Supplementation with varying doses of hyaluronic acid (120-240mg per day) has been reported to reduce wrinkles and promote more hydrated, youthful-looking skin.[10,11]

Apollon Collagen supplies 200mg of Hyaluronic acid per full serving.


Developed by FutureCeuticals, Dermaval is a blend of “superfoods” (including pomegranate, Mangosteen, coffee fruit, and acai) that are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, including  include vitamin C, quercetin, anthocyanins and chlorogenic acid.

Research has found that a low dose of Dermaval (50mg) in human participants significantly inhibited both elastase and gelatinase activity.

Elastase and gelatinase are two enzymes that break down proteins in the body, namely elastin (a protein that provides stretchiness and strength in your tissues) and gelatin (a form of collagen).

Inhibiting the actions of these enzymes supports greater endogenous collagen for better skin quality, improved healing, and greater recovery.

Vitamin C

Last, but not least, Apollon Collagen includes 250mg of vitamin C. In addition to being a potent antioxidant that helps combat oxidative stress (a contributor to skin aging), vitamin C also helps collagen absorption and synthesis.


Apollon Nutrition has made a name for itself as the leader in premium pre workout supplements, but we are much, much more than a company that can “kick the tires and light the fires.”

We’ve shown this continuously, with releases including:

Collagen is another addition to our comprehensive product lineup intended to help you train your ass off and become the best version of you possible!

Collagen can be taken on its own as well as mixed into your favorite post-workout shake, smoothie, soup, or yogurt bowl for joint support, recovery, anti-aging, and longevity support.


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