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Apollon RevolutioniZe Challenge Wrap Up - Apollon Nutrition

Apollon RevolutioniZe Challenge Wrap Up

Owner and Founder of RevolutioniZe Nutrition, IFBB Pro Figure Athlete

We have officially wrapped up our 8 week Apollon/RevolutioniZe challenge and what an awesome experience it was! During that time, I dropped about 12 pounds, while following a flexible nutrition plan via RevolutioniZe Nutrition, using Apollon Nutrition Supplements, and due to my hectic schedule, a little help with meal prep from Eat Clean Bro.

Down 12 pounds
  • Down 2.5 inches around bust and back
  • Down 3 inches in hips
  • Down 3.5 inches in waist
  • Down 1 inch in each thigh
  • Down .75 inch in each arm
  • Down a size in all of my clothing
My biggest weight loss drop was in the first half of the challenge, and then it slowed down a bit my final 4 weeks, mostly due to being a little loose with my tracking. But the point I want to make, is that you can still be successful in your fat loss progress, even if you aren’t 100%. Most people have an “all or nothing” mentality, which I believe to be super dangerous. Progress is still made, even if you aren’t PERFECT. Perfect, is the enemy of GOOD. 

The word “challenge,” as stated in the “Apollon/RevolutioniZe” challenge, can lead viewers to jump to extremes. The fitness and nutrition industry pushes “challenges” as a motivational tool,  but it is important to understand that “challenges” should be a spring board to long term success. Going to extremes will lead most individuals to burn out, or face harsh rebounds. As a leader in this industry, that is not what I want to promote. I know I need to lead by example and strive to be a positive role model for others who seek a healthier lifestyle.

I wanted my transformation to be realistic. Being an IFBB Pro, I didn’t want to promote a “contest prep” lifestyle. I wanted my transformation to appeal to the masses. I think we can all agree, that the contest prep lifestyle is NOT for everyone, nor is it a sustainable method for fat loss and maintenance. 

How did I lose 12 pounds in 8 weeks with no extreme tactics, no weight rebounds, and maintain a healthy mindset, completely free of stress. 

First, I took the pressure off myself. I did the work that needed to be done, and allowed my body to do it’s thing. Let’s break this down in to each component of the successful transformation: Workouts, Nutrition, Supplementation, Lifestyle.

I put together a 5 day split, with “days off” that were not scheduled, and instead sprinkled in when necessary either due to my work schedule, or energy levels. LISTENING to your body is extremely important. Knowing the difference between  “ I’m being lazy” vs “my body requires recovery time” in my opinion, is a necessary practice. 

Day 1: Legs
Day 2: Shoulders
Day 3: Back
Day 4: Legs
Day 5: Chest

Two rest days are sprinkled in to the mix based on work schedule, unexpected “life” situations, energy levels, or required recovery time. My order of training days would change depending on what I was “feeling” that day. For example, if I was in the mood to train back when it wasn’t my “back day”, I would just do it. But I still managed to hit each muscle group appropriately through the week. I’m very in-tune with my body. My philosophy was always to do what my body WANTS to do, instead of forcing myself to do what I HAVE to do. Your intensity, focus, and motivation will work in your favor. I think that is important to remember. 

You will notice, I do not isolate my arms, and instead focus on the larger muscle groups. My biceps and triceps get hit as secondary muscles to support my other upper body movement patterns. I train legs twice a week, changing up some of the movements for my second leg day, as well as different volume, tempo changes, range of motion, and drop sets. 

As for cardio, I didn’t perform anything traditional. I don’t have the attention span to stay in the gym very long. 45 minutes is my MAX, and that is put towards the weights. One to two times a week I would meet up with a friend for an exploratory bike trail ride- not to meet a workout goal, but because it was FUN.

We all know how important the nutritional component of body transformation is! At RevolutioniZe Nutrition, we practice flexible nutrition, so no foods are off limits. I am able to eat the foods I crave and enjoy, instead of HAVING to eat what is listed for meal 3. If you know me well, you know I HATE meal templates. Instead, I want to maintain a healthy relationship with food. No restriction, no stress, no rebound. THAT is how it should be. I have a specifically calculated calorie/macronutrient amount and ratio. I track my food in order to make sure I am feeding my body correctly for my specific goals. I use the Fit3D scanner at RevolutioniZe Nutrition to track and asses my progress, and make changes to my plan accordingly. 

Apollon Nutrition offers a variety of supplements, but I also know what my body can and can not handle. For instance, unlike most people I know I’m my industry, I am hyper sensitive to any stimulants and need to avoid them. Here is my preferred Apollon Nutrition Stack. 

Every once in a while I would use Apollon Nutrition’s 50/50 Formula-X protein powder, but that was more for convenience. I usually stick to eating meals for satiety. 
Disclaimer: I do not use any fat burners, or anabolic steroids. The only reason I am making this statement, is because I want people of all lifestyles to know this transformation is 100% possible without them. I believe there is a lack of transparency in this industry. Before someone makes a statement such as “well, she can do it because she takes X, Y and Z,” I want viewers to know the truth, and that a statement like that is no excuse for them to not put the work in. They need to know what is possible with consistently executing a proper and realistic plan, performing at the right intensity, and practicing a healthier lifestyle. 

For someone who has an absolutely insane schedule, I have a very stress free outlook on my personal “fitness progress”. I simply do the work, and let me body catch up to the work I put in to it. I don’t overthink it. I don’t over analyze it. And that outlook has worked pretty damn good for me all these years. 
The more we can roll with the punches that life throws at us, the better off we will be. 

  • Motivation doesn’t last. Discipline is what will move you towards whatever goal you have.
  • Plan for things to not go according to plan. It is RARE that we wake up with the perfect plan and it actually pans out. Be ready to modify and adapt to changes in your schedule. 
  • Consistently executing the right plan for your goals is everything. 
  • Be in tune with your body. If you need a day or 2 to rest, DO IT, and come back stronger. Know the difference between “lazy” and “my body needs to rest and recover.”
  • Less is more. Don’t overthink it. 
  • Perfect is the enemy of good. You will still achieve the results you desire without partaking in extreme tactics. 

"I am so proud of Michele! I knew she would take the challenge seriously and make a dramatic, healthy, transformation. She's great to work with, a real pleasure to have on Team Apollon and I'm thankful for our friendship. She is an inspiration to all of her clients and I'm happy the challenge provided a platform for her to show that you can stay on track during the Summer and achieve great results!"

– Robert Samborsky, Apollon Nutrition Founder/CEO


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  • need to shed 50 lbs ASAP. I ordered Chaos V3 from DP Nutrition. I do Keto Alternative Day Intermittment fasting 2 days a week.

    Trying to cut back on my sugars and stims. Use to take Lipodrene Elite but that shit brings nasty sides.

    Sterling Nichols

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