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Apollon Nutrition & Anarchy Labs

Apollon Nutrition & Anarchy Labs

Apollon Nutrition was established in 2015 as a brand to be sold exclusively at Apollon Gym. In fact, there were never any plans to sell outside of Apollon Gym. Only two products were created - Hooligan pre-workout and 50/50 Formula-X protein, which consisted of 50% whey isolate and 50% micellar casein in a fully transparent formula. Within the first year, Apollon started to get noticed and grow organically. Not only was it sold in the gym and the website, it started to turn in retail stores as well.

Quickly gaining attention as the “hardcore brand” for athletes and serious lifters, we decided to add another brand called Anarchy Labs.

Anarchy Labs released only three products– the now legendary Assassin pre-workout, DMHA-based Shogun and the very strong, never seen before testosterone booster formula Warrior. Later on Overtime was added, a nootropic that had never been seen before on the market. All three products took the hardcore market by storm, especially Assassin. But as you know, all great things in life usually come to an end.

As the FDA started to crack down on ingredients such as DMAA, DMHA and other grey area products. With the undeniable growth of Apollon Nutrition, the decision was made not to manufacture products that contained the aforementioned ingredients.

As a result it was time to discontinue Anarchy Labs... Well, sort of at least.

Overtime and Assassin were reformulated and tested extensively on the members of Apollon Gym, a few die-hard fans of those two products, as well as some of the most reputable review channels in the industry. It became clear that these amazing and widely popular products do not have to vanish from our line as well as from the shelves of our retail partners.

Overtime and soon to follow Assassin will have successfully been added to the ever-growing Apollon Nutrition line. As with anything in life, never say never, but for now you can enjoy both Apollon and the former Anarchy Labs products under the same brand, which keeps growing, thanks to our loyal supporters.

We appreciate your ongoing support of the brand and will continue to develop high quality formulas using clinically dosed ingredients to help you rise above the competition every time you step in the gym.



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