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IFBB Pro Branch Warren Slams Shoulders at Metroflex - Apollon Nutrition

IFBB Pro Branch Warren Slams Shoulders at Metroflex



"Pain is life. Life is painful. You gotta push yourself extremely hard just to be able to take the pain. That's where it seperates a lot of people. It's because they are not willing to go the extra mile to put themselves through that pain and the soreness that it requires to make progress. Those that have it, have that heart, have that drive and have the mental toughness to become champions." noted retired IFBB Pro Branch Warren as he warms up to train shoulders with IFBB Pro Johnny Jackson. Go behind the scenes with the kings of hardcore at the original Metroflex Gym in Arlington, Texas.

"You have to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable." It's that drive and determination that propelled Warren to succeed as one of the best bodybuilders of his era. Branch fuels his every day recovery with Apollon Nutrition's Enigma V2 complete EAA + BCAA recovery matrix with electrolytes by taking 1-2 scoops after training.

Branch preaches "I think what's different about bodybuilding than most professional sports, is to grow and get better you gonna subject yourself to pain willingly. The mental toughness you have to overcome that and keep going. The average person is capable of doing much so much more than what they realize if they just have the mental toughness to do it."

Take it from Branch, though retired, he continues to surround himself with the right people and trains as hard as he did when he was competing on the world's biggest stage.

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