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5 Ways Testosterone Enhances Health & Well-Being

5 Ways Testosterone Enhances Health & Well-Being

Guys, it’s a fact that your testosterone levels are going to decrease with age, which can cause you to get soft in more ways than one – sorry to break the news and your balls (pun intended). That glorious hormone that keeps us lean and muscular starts to decline once you hit the age of around 30 and drops anywhere from 1-2% per year with each birthday we celebrate (congrats, right? Ha).

When it comes to testosterone, the key is to keep it within the normal range, which can be measured through a blood test. To give you some perspective, normal male testosterone levels should be between 280-1,100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). That said, there are many benefits that come along with managing your testosterone levels, which we will touch on throughout this article.

Below, you will find five ways that testosterone can enhance your health and well-being with a solution for this common issue to close out the article that you don’t want to miss.


1. More Lean Muscle Mass and Less Body Fat

The benefit that we think about the most when it comes to testosterone is the ability to add quality lean muscle mass while simultaneously helping reduce body fat. We’re talking the kind of muscle mass that turns head when you walk by – and not because you’re wearing a smedium shirt (then people will turn their heads for a different reason). Assuming you have a solid workout and nutrition plan in place, with normal as well as elevated testosterone levels, you can build the kind of quality lean muscle tissue that demands attention.

One of the main differences that seems to come up with men and women who resistance train is the variance in the ability to put on size. Many women fear they’ll look like men if they lift weights. This isn’t the case due to their testosterone levels not being anywhere near the level of what men have.

By keeping testosterone levels normalized and body fat in check, you can drastically reduce your risk for many illnesses and diseases that revolve around weight, such as being overweight or obese. The last thing you want is to be a part of a statistic where 60% of American adults are considered overweight. You do what others can’t, that’s why you’re here learning and reading this article.

In addition, the more lean muscle mass you possess, the higher your metabolism is due to the amount of energy required to fuel your muscles and have them perform optimally.


2. Heighten Your Mood and Energy Levels

Those who suffer from low testosterone levels may find they are constantly fatigued and irritable. This is quite common and a tell-tale sign of fading testosterone. When testosterone levels are within the normal range, energy levels can be heightened, and you will find a greater sense of well-being and overall mood. After all, the last thing you want is your buddies bailing on you because you’re a Debbie Downer.

Increases in energy tend to come from a healthy weight and body fat percentage. Those who carry around extra weight will tend to use up more energy to compensate for the added pounds you’re holding onto and will be required to move. This can put additional stress on the muscles and cause them to work harder simply for mobility reasons.


3. Boost Libido and Sex Drive

Now for the fun part! Come on, who couldn’t use a little boost in libido and sex drive? If you find you’re losing interest or don’t have that drive and vigor you once did, that may be a signal of low testosterone. If your significant other is going out with the girls more often and coming home in a good mood, you may want to make sure their names aren’t Frank, Mike, and Big Diesel. 

When testosterone levels are within a healthy range, you may feel ready to go at the drop of a dime and without hesitation or effort. We’re talkin’ about you get “that look” while out to dinner, and you drop a hundo on the table for a $50 bill and split before your food even comes out.

If you find you’re having issues with hardness, and you’re discovering that you are sporting what resembles a wet noodle when it’s go time, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s due to low testosterone, but it very well could be. 

If you are experiencing any issues in the bedroom, it may be time to see your doctor and discuss options – one of which may first include getting blood drawn to see exactly where your testosterone levels are.


4. Improve Bone Strength and Density

Your testosterone levels play a huge role in your overall bone strength and density. Generally, as you age, men become at risk of breaking bones and causing fractures due to lower testosterone levels and the inability to maintain proper bone strength (this is known as osteoporosis). Such an issue can arise from something as simple as a fall, but depending on the severity, even everyday functioning such as walking can cause tiny fractures.

Should you already be getting up in age and are showing signs of weak bones, all hope is not lost. By focusing on increasing your testosterone levels, you can regain that bone strength and density to improve your overall bone health and structure.

Strong bones play a crucial role in not only everyday function but also athletic performance and even supporting your internal organs and muscles. Your bones are your body’s framework and foundation. Should osteoporosis set in or a loss of bone mineral density creep in, it can change your entire quality of life as you know it.


5. Support Heart Health 

Last on our list of ways testosterone enhances health and well-being is heart health. Not many people associate a healthy testosterone level with cardiovascular benefits. Most would assume only cardiovascular exercise can help protect the heart, but in actuality, testosterone is incredibly important.

Suffering from low testosterone can actually put you at risk for cardiovascular risk and heart disease. One of the functions of testosterone is to help produce red blood cells. When not enough testosterone is produced by the body, the production of those red blood cells can decrease. And as well all know, the role of red blood cells is to carry oxygenated blood throughout the body while escorting carbon dioxide to the lungs so it can be expelled from the body (sort of an important thing, no?).

To better illustrate the benefits of healthy testosterone levels, a study published showed that men who had healthy testosterone levels (in the normal range) were 24% less likely to suffer a heart attack and 36% less likely to suffer a stroke.


Maximize Your Natural Testosterone Production 

As promised, there is an easy way for you to help manage your testosterone levels and increase your natural production if you are experiencing signs of low testosterone or your doctor had your bloodwork checked. What is this simple solution? It’s Apollon Nutrition Hard Target.

This once-a-day formula packs a punch by helping to boost free and total testosterone levels naturally while helping control estrogen and keeping estrogen levels in check. That said, Apollon Nutrition Hard Target wasn’t formulated for the beta males out there who are seeking the approval of everyone around them. Hard Target was created for those who go out and get what they want.

Hard Target is for the extreme, the hardcore, the individuals who aren’t afraid to kick ass and take names. Those who are willing to put in the work, no matter how much or how hard it is to achieve their goals in the gym and in life. Apollon Nutrition Hard Target is the only way to go if you want to help keep your testosterone levels optimized and skip the skinny jeans.

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