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Apollon's IFBB Pro Branch Warren Trains Legs to Failure with Johnny Jackson at Metroflex Arlington

Apollon's IFBB Pro Branch Warren Trains Legs to Failure with Johnny Jackson at Metroflex Arlington

"I'm always looking for a challenge. If I am not challenged I get very complacent and bored" preaches IFBB Pro Branch Warren.

"Like a lot of things failure has different meanings depending on the context its used in. Failure in training if you're doing a set is a good thing. I try to take every one of my working sets to failure. It doesn't mean you failed. That means you gave 100% everything you had inside you until you couldn't lift the weight anymore." Branch continues to push himself and training partner IFBB Pro Johnny Jackson of 20 years to failure.

"Training partners can be real good or real bad. If you get someone who is late and complains, don't give 100% and drag you down. Get rid of them! You can't get them out the door fast enough. If you get someone who shows up on time, never complains and gives 100% every day they come in and try to kick your ass– you're a blessed person! Keep that guy or girl around because that person because that's the kind of atmosphere to help you be a better body builder."

Go behind the scenes with Branch as he trains legs to failure at the original Metroflex Arlington powered by Apollon Nutrition's Hooligan™ extreme pre-workout formula designed to maximize focus, energy and strength.

"Every body fails. I think no one is ever going to win if they are afraid of failing. Because if you dont take risks in training, competing and in business you're never going to succeed. That's life. You gotta take risks. Every body fails. The difference is the smart people and the people that are resilient, they learn from their mistakes and failures, they correct whatever they did wrong and don't make the same mistakes twice. They move on and succeed."


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