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3 Ways KSM-66 Optimizes Hormones

3 Ways KSM-66 Optimizes Hormones

Have you ever heard of KSM-66? How about ashwagandha? If you answered “NO” to both of those questions, you’re not alone. However, that doesn’t mean KSM-66 or ashwagandha is some sort of underground supplement that you need to be a member of some kind of cult or secret society to take advantage of. If you want to unlock the door to some massive gains in lean muscle mass, you don’t need to memorize some codeword to get you in the door – all you need to do is include KSM-66 in your supplement regimen.

We may have piqued your interest with talks of GAINZ. After all, that’s what many of us focus on, right? That all being said, we’re not here to disappoint you with some BS story of an ingredient that works like magic. But what we WILL do is open up your eyes to a powerful and potent ingredient that can help optimize hormone levels that can help you add the quality lean muscle you’re in search of.

Welcome to the world of KSM-66!


What is KSM-66? 

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what KSM-66 can do for you, let’s first explain what the hell this oddly named ingredient is. Just the look and sound of KSM-66 may lead you to believe that it’s some sort of steroid or SARM – but it’s not!

KSM-66 is ultimately an extremely concentrated form of full-spectrum ashwagandha root extract that is highly bioavailable. This patented ingredient is backed by extensive amounts of clinical trials and studies that show just how beneficial KSM-66 can be when used correctly and at efficacious dosages.

Enough with the history lesson… let’s dive into how KSM-66 can help optimize your hormones and get you closer to your health and physique goals.



1. Boost Testosterone Levels 

First and foremost, we need to talk about what is probably one of the most essential hormones we have as men – testosterone. If you’re not worried about and trying to optimize your testosterone levels, well, I don’t even know what to say to you. Do you even lift, bro? I mean, come on. If you hit the gym, you should want to maximize testosterone levels to help build quality lean muscle mass.

Unfortunately, once you hit the age of around 30, your testosterone levels start to drop. In fact, each year, from that point, you can decrease your testosterone levels by as much as 1-2% per year. Without normalized testosterone levels, you’re going to notice your gains start to fade, you are losing lean muscle tissue, you’re tired, exhausted, and your sex drive resembles the temperature of an ice cube (not to mention the fact that you can’t seem to get that wet noodle in your drawers hard anymore). 

That’s where KSM-66 comes into play and can help swoop in like Superman saving Lois Lane from a disaster. Research has shown that when you supplement with a quality ashwagandha supplement such as KSM-66, it can help elevate testosterone levels. In addition, when you utilize ashwagandha, such as what’s found in patented KSM-66, you can experience an increase in muscle mass and strength.

Can you afford to have your testosterone levels drop? I’ll answer that for you… NO.


2. Support Normalized Thyroid Hormones

Have you ever considered what’s going on under the hood of your thyroid? No? Not many people do until it’s too late, and they notice their weight starts creeping up like Pennywise in the sewer drain from the movie It. When your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, and thyroid hormones start dropping, it can cause your weight and body fat to increase due to a reduction in resting metabolic rate. 

Naturally, when your metabolism takes a hit, and you aren’t burning as many calories during the day (including while at rest), the likelihood that you may see an increase in weight tends to rise. It’s important to look at how KSM-66 supplementation can help combat some of these thyroid issues.

What can cause thyroid hormones to decline (such as a condition known as hypothyroidism)? Stress (which is another hot topic we will discuss next). Ashwagandha has been found to be able to help the body better manage stress levels while also showing improvements in thyroid hormones when compared to the placebo. One study also found that KSM-66 ashwagandha can help normalize thyroid hormones in subclinical hypothyroid patients.


3. Reduce Cortisol 

You’ve probably heard of the stress hormone cortisol. It’s something that plagues the best of us. That little bitch is a pain in the ass. Just stressing about the hormone can cause it to skyrocket – it’s a finicky, trigger-happy hormone that can cause you to gain weight faster than Tim Allen in The Santa Clause. You need to manage cortisol and prevent it from becoming elevated if you want to stay lean and mean.

When you are stressed, cortisol levels rise. Then when cortisol levels rise, ghrelin (a hunger hormone) also rises. When ghrelin levels rise, you become HANGRY. You clearly know what happens next – you binge on anything, and everything you can get your hands on (generally something high in calories, carbs, and sugar), overconsume on calories, put yourself in a caloric surplus, and your weight and body fat levels increase. It’s a slippery slope which is why this hormone needs to be optimized.

One of the benefits of supplementing with KSM-66 is that it can help reduce stress and cortisol levels. One study showed that subjects who were given a full-spectrum extract of ashwagandha root were able to significantly reduce their levels of stress and the stress hormone cortisol.

Another piece of research noted that in a 60-day trial, subjects who supplemented with ashwagandha were able to reduce stress and anxiety by a staggering 69%. 

I suck at math, but I’ll do the math for you on this one. Check this out…

More Testosterone + Normalized Thyroid Function - Cortisol Levels = MASSIVE GAINS


It’s Time to Optimize Your Hormones with KSM-66 

If you’re fine with looking fluffy and soft, you can stop reading, and I’ll catch you in the next article. But if you’re a no-nonsense, no BS kind of person who never settles or compromises when it comes to your health and physique, you’re going to want to pay close attention.

Apollon Nutrition launched a new product called Hard Target. This product is unlike anything on the market when it comes to hormone optimization. One of the key ingredients found in Hard Target is patented KSM-66 along with a whole host of ingredients that, when combined in a precise matrix, can increase testosterone while helping optimize others such as estrogen and cortisol. 

While I’m not going to trick you into believing this product is on par with anabolics or any type of hardcore PED, this IS the most potent formula out there that does not cause you to need any kind of off-cycle support or PCT in the pursuit of gains.

What does it deliver? RESULTS. That’s what you’re after, right? So, if you want a hardcore product that can take your physique to new heights, you’ll love what Apollon Nutrition Hard Target can do for you in your quest to achieve a muscular and rock-hard physique. And that’s no BS. You don’t want to sleep on this testosterone booster. Try it for yourself!




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