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Spring into Action: Tabata Plyometrics to Get Shredded

Spring into Action: Tabata Plyometrics to Get Shredded

It is time to talk fat-burning! Who doesn't want to turn the pile of blubber around their midsection into a rock-hard set of abs? Do you want to etch out your musculature and showcase a ripped and shredded physique? Of course, you do! So, let's discuss Tabata plyometrics and how they can help you maximize your weight loss and get you the results you desire.

For starters, Tabata plyometrics was discovered 25 years ago, back in 1996, by Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese professor. Can you figure out where the name came from? If not, quit reading this and go splash some cold water on your face to wake yourself up. Tabata plyometrics has become one of the most exciting and heavily utilized ways to get shredded – without having to spend hours each day doing workouts. 

If you are someone who enjoys spending hours doing long cardio sessions in the gym, then more power to you, but this isn't going to be your cup of tea. Thanks to Tabata plyometrics, you can do a killer high-intensity cardio workout in just four minutes. That being said, while the Tabata plyometrics workout is only four minutes, it's going to be the longest and most grueling four minutes of your life – trust me.


What is Tabata Plyometrics?

Tabata plyometrics, also commonly referred to as just Tabata, is one of the most popular types of exercise routines out there because of how effective it is at elevating your heart rate and helping to burn body fat. Tabata plyometrics is a high-intensity training method that aims to increase your heart rate in a brief period of time. As a rule, this type of exercise program utilizes several exercises, and it lasts a total of four minutes. 

  • 20 seconds of high-intensity exercise
  • 10-second pause for a short recovery
  • Eight total circuits to be completed
  • Rest for a minute

When you are done performing these four minutes, you can either stop your workout session, or you can repeat the set again to get shredded and double your workout to eight minutes to keep things cooking and help burn away stubborn body fat.

With this specific workout plan, your body will burn calories even after you are done with your training session, which is called the after-burn effect. 

This occurs through increased post-exercise oxygen consumption and is generally known as EPOC. This after-burn effect through the use of Tabata plyometrics can last up to 24 hours post-workout.


How Does it Work? 

Now that I have your attention, you may be wondering exactly how all of this works. Well, Tabata plyometrics is a kind of high-intensity interval training, which is most commonly known as HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

  • These workouts consist of both maximum and low-intensity exercises, following each other in succession to get help shredded quickly
  • HIIT workouts tend to have more benefits and, in some cases, are considered more effective than general cardiovascular exercises
  • This style of cardiovascular training shifts your metabolism into overdrive upon completing your training session
  • According to some research, these high-intensity Tabata-style workouts help to burn more calories than strength and cardio exercises

For instance, HIIT exercises can burn around 30% more calories during a half an hour routine than any other type of exercise. 

Tabata plyometrics is an extremely effective way of shedding fat quickly and generally without any complications. As always, it would be wise to speak with your doctor before starting this or any exercise program to ensure you are healthy enough and will not cause any health issues based on your current health status.

We seem to be intermixing HIIT with Tabata plyometrics. So, does that mean HIIT = Tabata? No, not exactly. The similarities seem to start and end with both being high-intensity workouts.


Tabata vs. HIIT: What's the Difference? 

First, let's discuss the similarities between Tabata and HIIT, and then we will dive into the differences.

  • Both forms of exercise focus on using maximum effort over a short span of time with only small rest breaks
  • Both have been shown to increase fat burning, improve speed and endurance, and aid in overall weight loss

Now that we have a mutual understanding between HIIT and Tabata plyometrics similarities, let's discuss their differences.

The real difference is the research. Let's make one thing clear, so there isn't any confusion, Tabata is a form of HIIT. Both are superb for your health and can help get you shredded. They can also make you feel stronger, leaner, and brim with confidence.

  • The big difference between Tabata plyometrics and HIIT is the intensity and length of the intervals
  • Tabata training needs a considerate amount of effort to reach the top exhaustion level in a short 4-minute period, whereas HIIT training is a little more flexible
  • Tabata is completed in 4-minute increments and finished with higher intensity than other various HIIT exercises
  • Tabata's rest period is also shorter and lasts for only 10 seconds, whereas other HIIT exercises have longer recovery periods of around a minute or more
  • Tabata plyometrics take less time, but it is more intense, whereas other HIIT exercises are spread out a little bit longer and are generally very intense, with longer recovery times


Which Workout is More Beneficial? Tabata or HIIT?

The answer isn't exactly black and white. Both have their benefits, and therefore, it truly comes down to what you're willing to utilize and implement. So, the short answer to the question would be… both are beneficial.

Both are great to help you get shredded and build muscle. Results are according to the exercises mixed in with your training circuits as well as your effort put into the workout. Just because you do Tabata plyometrics or HIIT doesn't mean you'll see any results if you're sandbagging your effort and merely going through the motions without any intensity.

It should also be noted that you need to change things up. You'll plateau and find yourself in a rut if you do the same workout(s) over and over again. It is advised that you should switch things up and maybe even alternate between Tabata plyometrics and other types of HIIT workouts. 

Overall, Tabata is essentially a HIIT workout. So, if you love HIIT methods of training, you would probably love Tabata plyometrics too.


Tabata Plyometrics Workout Sample

Now that you know the deal regarding Tabata, let's go through a Tabata plyometrics workout example that you can use and follow to work up a sweat and help get you shredded. 

4-minute Tabata Plyometrics Workout Program for Beginners 

  • The total time is four minutes
  • 20 seconds of high-intensity workout
  • 10 second rest period

The key is to yield maximum effort during the 20 seconds of high-intensity interval.

Number of circuits to complete: 1-2

  1. High Knee Sprints

First, we go with high knee sprints. If this is too challenging for you, you can bring each knee nice and high as you walk in one place for 20 seconds. Take a 10-second break, and then move to the next exercise.


  1. Front to Back Hop

For this exercise, jump forward and then hop back to the original starting position. Keep doing this for 20 seconds, and then take a 10-second break. Then, move to the next exercise.


  1. Jump Squat

The jump squat is one of the most effective ways to get shredded. To complete a jump squat, the first thing you need to do is squat down, then quickly jump into the air, and then again squat down as soon as you land and repeat the process. Do it for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds before moving onto the final exercise.


  1. Speed Skater

This is one of the highly effective exercises when utilizing Tabata plyometrics. Simply extend your leg across and behind your opposite leg, and then jump laterally while you land on the opposite foot, without touching the other foot to the ground. It is an enjoyable exercise and very effective. Think of the form a speed skater goes through while doing the exercise to mentally help you complete the exercise correctly. Keep doing this movement for 20 seconds.

Completing these four exercises would be one single round of Tabata plyometrics for beginners. Again, the 20 seconds that of work needs to be incredibly intense to get the most benefit from this style of training.

You have the option to take a 10 second rest period following the speed skater exercise and then go for another round or call it quits after one round. If you exercise regularly, push yourself and add more rounds of this Tabata workout.

Four exercises for two minutes would be a good starting point for those who don't exercise, but for those who do, complete a second round and push through a four-minute workout.

If you utilize Tabata plyometrics, you may find yourself in love with the results. Your goal of getting shredded is not a pipedream when you use this style of training and do it correctly. The best part about this routine is that you have no excuse not to get it in, as you can do Tabata plyometrics in the privacy of your home.


Maximize Your Training and Fat-Burning Potential 

Do you want to enhance your results and get them in a shorter period of time? Apollon Nutrition Chaos, when combined with Tabata plyometrics, is a match made in heaven. Granted, you're going to need a show and a change of clothes after, as you're going to sweat your ass off. But those fat cells won't stand a chance when you take Chaos with your workouts.

Not only does Apollon Nutrition supply you with a transparent label and zero fillers, but the potent mix of powerful ingredients can help increase your metabolic rate, improve focus, boost energy levels, decrease your appetite, and can even pull out water from under the skin to help reveal your shredded physique.

What are you doing just sitting there? Get yourself a bottle of Apollon Nutrition Chaos and get your ass to work with some Tabata plyometrics!


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