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Lionheart - Special Stack3D Edition - Apollon Nutrition

Lionheart - Special Stack3D Edition

Lionheart emerged a little over a year ago as the successor to our “combat athlete” pre workout supplement -- Kumite. But, much more than a facelift was given to the product, resulting in a comprehensive pre workout that emphasized endurance, stamina, and performance while still delivering ample focus, energy, and muscle pumps. As such, Lionheart quickly became a favorite among athletes (even non-combat athletes) and is the preferred pre-training solution for Apollon’s co-owner Robert Samborsky.

As with all of our products, we sent Lionheart to select reviewers for their brutally honest feedback, included among those was the industry leader in supplements news -- Shane Smith at Stack3D. You can read his unbiased, non-paid for review for yourself, but to highlight his feedback:

“There wasn’t a workout we did with Lionheart where we weren’t hitting maximum reps and weight, set after set, expecting some sort of consequential drop-off or roadblock of exhaustion…It’s difficult to explain how effective Apollon Nutrition’s Lionheart is, outside of the fact it reliably elevates your performance and endurance…here are plenty of performance and endurance-focused pre-workouts on the market; however, none have delivered in that area as well as Apollon Nutrition and Lionheart. It is an addictive experience feeling as strong and as powerful as you do…”

Given the enormous respect Apollon Nutrition and the supplement industry at-large has for Stack3D as well as being named back-to-back Stack3D Brand of Year, we are honored and humbled to collaborate with Stack3D on a special, limited-edition flavor of Shane & Robik’s favorite pre workout -- Passion Fruit Pineapple Strawberry Lionheart!


Same Great Formula, Delicious New Flavor!

With the high-praise that Lionheart has received from both internal testing and actual consumers purchasing the product, we saw no reason to mess with a great product. As such, the same stellar formula is included in the Stack3D edition of Lionheart to help you train harder, last longer, and dominate the competition!


Lionheart Benefits

Lionheart is precisely formulated to deliver consistently smooth energy with dialed-in focus to:

  • Boost endurance
  • Increase stamina
  • Enhance work output
  • Delay the onset of fatigue
  • Increase muscle fullness and cellular hydration
  • Improve resistance to thermal stress


Lionheart Features

Among the numerous premium ingredients included in every serving of LIONHEART are:

  • 3200mg Beta-alanine: improves stamina and fatigue-resistance
  • 2000mg Taurine: enhances cellular hydration and thermoregulation
  • 2000mg PeakO2: improve oxygen utilization and work capacity
  • 2000mg Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T): boosts NO production, performance and pumps
  • 1250mg Betaine Anhydrous: aids strength, muscle size, and cell volumization
  • 150mg ElevATP: increases energy (ATP) production
  • 100mg Senactiv: supports ATP synthesis and athletic performance


Stacking Options

Lionheart is a complete pre workout, meaning it supplies everything needed to support increased energy, focus, performance, and pumps (the four PILLARs of pre workout perfection). At the same time, we realize that many consumers enjoy stacking products together.

For added muscle pumps, we like to combine a serving of Lionheart with either Bloody Hell or BloodSport.



Lionheart is a PR-shattering, performance pre workout for serious athletes. Supplies are limited on this very special edition Passion Fruit Pineapple Strawberry flavor, so if you want to try this unique flavor, act fast. If you miss out, you can always snag one of our other top-rated flavors to experience the power, performance, and stamina of LIONHEART!

Supplies are limited

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