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Timecop Pre-Workout Has Arrived– Fusing Bare Knuckle X Overtime Together!

Timecop Pre-Workout Has Arrived– Fusing Bare Knuckle X Overtime Together!

Apollon Nutrition has forged its reputation on hard-hitting, fully-dosed supplements that help you train hard, last longer, and get better results faster.

Nowhere is this more exemplified than our best-selling pre workout Hooligan.

And, while we could be content to just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor, that’s just not our style. So, we continually seek to improve and innovate whenever and wherever possible. 

Case in point was the release of Double Impact, our limited edition combination pre-workout that brought together the intensity, aggression, and stim-laden glory of Assassin with the proven performance benefits of Hooligan.  

The concept of combining these two pre-workouts was so popular that we went back to the drawing board to see what other diabolical combinations we could concoct to satisfy our loyal customers' thirst for more energy, more focus, more power, and (of course) MORE PUMP!


Behold the latest innovation from Apollon Nutrition in TIMECOP!

What is TIMECOP?

Aside from one of the best JCVD movies of all-time, TIMECOP takes the best elements from our powerhouse energy and focus supplement, OVERTIME, and fuses it with the sleeve-splitting, vein-gorging prowess of BARE KNUCKLE.

The result is a pre workout supplement that is simply sublime.

TIMECOP delivers on all fronts and is the perfect pre workout for those who need to crush it in the gym and still have to grind in the office for hours after.


The foundation of all pre workouts is energy, and if you’ve ever tried OVERTIME you’ve experienced the long-lasting, productive energy and motivation you get. (and if you haven’t tried OVERTIME before...what the hell have you been doing with your life?!).

TIMECOP supplies 550mg of total caffeine (from a combination of 400mg caffeine anhydrous and 200mg di-caffeine malate). This provides the perfect combination of fast-acting and sustained energy to get you going and keep you moving long after training is over. 

But, that’s not all, we’ve also included several eria jarenesis, PEA, hordenine, and alpha-yohimbine to amplify aggression and crank up the “feel-good” euphoric vibes of this top-tier pre workout supplement.


Stimulants are great in a pre workout, and they do a damn good job getting you energized. But, the addition of the right combination of nootropics can help harness, refine, and improve the intense rush of dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline, ultimately making you more productive in and out of the gym. 

TIMECOP pulls the best elements from Bare Knuckle and Overtime to create a powerful nootropic stack that heightens focus, reduces stress, and bolsters the mind muscle connection with the inclusion of:

  • 2,000mg L-Tyrosine (supports dopamine production and helps combat stress-induced fatigue)
  • 1,000mg Lion’s Mane (stimulated production of NGF to support cognitive function and focus)
  • 600mg Alpha GPC 50% (supports acetylcholine production for greater focus and a stronger mind-muscle connection)
  • 300mg Rhodiola rosea (modulates neurotransmitters to support optimal levels of mental energy and motivation while combating feeling of stress and anxiety)
  • 100mg CoffeeBerry (Neurofactor -- ramps of BDNF levels in the brain for greater mental energy and focus)
  • 30mg Noopept (increases acetylcholine signaling as well as the expression of BDNF and NGF for greater mental energy, focus, and clarity)

This combination of potent nootropics boosts levels of critically important neurotransmitters, including dopamine, norepinephrine, and acetylcholine, to get you in the zone for your workout, block out the noise, and wreak havoc on the iron.


The fundamental purpose of pre workout supplements is to help you perform better in your training, if your pre workout isn’t doing that, it’s not worth the bottle it’s packaged in. 

As we do with all of our pre workout supplements, we include time-tested ergogenics at their full research-backed dosages.

To help you bang out more reps for more sets with less fatigue, TIMECOP includes:

  • 8,000mg L-Citrulline (support energy production and improve fatigue resistance)
  • 3,200mg Beta Alanine (boost endurance and delay the onset of fatigue)
  • 2,500mg Betaine (enhances cellular hydration and improves strength & power output)
  • 300mg Rhodiola (improves resistance to fatigue and time to exhaustion)


As mentioned above, TIMECOP is a combination of OVERTIME and BARE KNUCKLE.

Bare Knuckle is our non-stimulant pre workout that’s heavy on focus and pumps. In creating TIMECOP, we pulled in the best nitric-oxide boosting, cell swelling, pump-enhancing nutrients, including:

  • 8,000mg L-Citrulline (to enhance arginine levels and fuel NO production)
  • 2,500mg Betaine Anhydrous (cell volumization and “water-based” pumps)
  • 1,000mg Agmatine (to stimulate eNOS and combat arginase)
  • 508mg VasoDrive-AP (inhibit ACE activity, for greater vasodilation, blood flow, and nitric oxide production)
  • 300mg Pink Himalayan Salt (sodium is an essential electrolyte that affects muscle contraction and fluid balance in the body)

The Time is NOW

TIMECOP is a limited-edition release combining the best elements of OVERTIME and BARE KNUCKLE, creating a pre workout that delivers unreal performance and pumps along with all-day energy and focus.

Grab your bottle today as TIMECOP is a limited run and once supplies are gone, that’s it!


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