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Double Impact: Robik and Irina Unite For Intense Strength & Conditioning Workout

Double Impact: Robik and Irina Unite For Intense Strength & Conditioning Workout

It’s been close to 10 years now since Robik has trained with his dear friend and strength & conditioning coach IFBB Pro Irina Veselova. The release of Apollon Nutrition's iconic pre-workout Double Impact was a perfect opportunity for Irina and Robik to give it one more round. 

The battleground once again was Apollon Gym– there were never other options really. The pre-workout of choice of course was Double Impact V2. In typical Irina fashion she completely disregarded the fact that Robik is no longer in his 30s, but a 46 year old man that hasn’t gone this hard in a long time. If you know anything about Irina, she doesn't play around when it comes to training.


  • Double Impact V2, 1 Scoop


First exercise was pull-ups with your feet pointing to the ceiling. Of course she couldn’t let him do it the conventional way. 

Next exercise was jumping from top of the box and doing a quick tumble, followed by jumping to a pull up bar for few pull ups and then super-setting it with push-ups. Much to Robik's dismay this madness continued for 6 consecutive sets! 

Just as he started to pray that he was done, Irina moved on to weighted dips with 40lbs of chains, which were supersetted with Rocky IV style leg raises on a decline bench. This was another 6 non-stop supersets! 

Next came one arm push-ups– 6 sets each arm to failure. Last but not least, Robik carried of Irina on his back all the way across the gym and sprinted back. 6 more rounds! 

"At the end of the workout, for the first bump I look like I'm not even aware of where I am and momentarily that was the case. I love Irina, but I don't miss these workouts!" said Robik, Founder of Apollon Nutrition.





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