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Liver Health 101: What Is Liver Lover?

Liver Health 101: What Is Liver Lover?

So often when we talk about improving health, boosting energy, and living a higher quality of life, we focus on the obvious things -- eating right, building muscle, losing fat, etc.

However, one massively overlooked aspect of daily life is the health and function of our internal organs -- heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc.

While each organ plays a fundamental role in helping you not only survive but thrive, the liver is of particular concern to hard-training athletes, especially those who like to get aggressive with their supplementation regimen.

The liver is essential to performance, health, and wellness. It performs over 500 critical functions, including:

  • removing waste products and foreign substances from the blood
  • regulating blood sugar levels
  • creating essential nutrients
  • metabolizing protein
  • storing vitamins & minerals
  • Synthesizing immune system factors

The liver is also tasked with breaking down harsh substances (e.g. alcohol and drugs) so that they can be eliminated from the body. An excess of these types of substances can damage the liver.

And, while it’s true that the liver can regenerate itself, that’s no reason to be an asshole and run roughshod over it.

Nevertheless, we’re well aware that a great many individuals (hardcore athletes, weekend warriors, college kids, and young adults) will ingest a variety of substances (and less the “optimal” levels for longevity).

That’s precisely why we created a superior liver support supplement in Apollon Nutrition's new LIVER LOVER.


Quite simply, LIVER LOVER is an ultra-premium liver management supplement containing powerhouse ingredients to support healthy liver function as well as the body’s innate anti-inflammatory and detoxification pathways.*



N-Acetyl Cysteine: 1200mg

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is an improved form of the amino acid, L-Cysteine.

It serves as a chemical precursor to glutathione -- one of the most powerful antioxidants in the body that protects cells from oxidative stress. Other evidence indicates that NAC may have a vasodilatory and inotropic role, thus improving the flow of oxygen-rich blood to vital organs during shock-like states.[1] 

Scientific studies have shown that NAC is an efficiently-absorbed nutrient with potent benefits, and it also defends against insults from foreign compounds at the cellular level.[1,2,3]

Recent animal research also notes that NAC may offer a protective effect against the high-fat-diet-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by protecting mitochondria function and improving mitochondria quantity.[4]

Reishi Mushroom: 1000mg

Medicinal mushrooms are a very hot commodity these days. 

Reishi, in particular, has been sought after for its immune-supporting qualities, which is why its included in RESISTANCE. In China, reishi is known as lingzhi. It is regarded as an “herb of spiritual potency,” and it symbolizes success, well-being, divine power, and longevity.

Moreover, reishi also has been investigated for its pro-liver effects as well.[5,6]

Research has also found evidence that one of the principal polysaccharides in reishi (ganoderan B) modulate the activity of glucose-metabolizing enzymes in the liver and demonstrate hypoglycemic effects.[6]

The mighty mushroom has also been noted to possess antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral effects all the while offering protection against liver and gastric injury.[6]

Milk Thistle: 1000mg (80% Silymarin)

Milk thistle has been used in traditional medicines for centuries as a treatment for many different conditions.  

Liver Lover includes milk thistle extract standardized to 80% silymarin -- the primary bioactive compound within milk thistle. The amount of silymarin directly relates to the amount of potential benefit of the ingredient. Other liver support products on the market do not list how much Silymarin they are standardized for (which usually means the product is utilizing a cheaper, lower-quality extract) and offer less benefit.

Silymarin supports the liver by combatting free radicals and enhancing protein synthesis as well as offering possible anti-inflammatory or immunomodulating effects. Additionally, silymarin also enhances glutathione production in the liver via inhibition of hepatocyte glutathione reduction. Furthermore, higher doses of silymarin have been noted to control hepatic inflammation responses in chronic liver diseases.

TUDCA: 300mg

TUDCA is short for tauroursodeoxycholic acid. It is the taurine conjugate form of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA), a secondary bile acid that is produced by intestinal bacteria.

Research indicates TUDCA may be especially helpful for combating bile acid backup in the liver (cholestasis) as the water-soluble bile acids may counteract the toxicity of regular bile acids.

TUDCA has a long history of use (particularly concerning the liver), and it may also enhance protein folding and protect cells against endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress. Moreover, increased ER stress in liver and adipose tissue and insulin resistance are also associated with obesity in humans.[7]

In case you weren’t aware, the endoplasmic reticulum acts as a conduit between the nucleus and the cytoplasm of a cell. The ER is heavily involved in protein and lipid synthesis, and by reducing ER stress, TUDCA may be beneficial for a wide assortment of conditions as well as potentially offering some neurological benefits.[8,9]

TUDCA has also been studied for its ameliorating effects on inflammatory metabolic diseases.* 

TUDCA also acts as a mitochondrial stabilizer and anti-apoptotic agent in several models of neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson's diseases, and Huntington's diseases.*


We can spew scientific studies and mechanisms of action at you till the sun sets, but, truth be told, you’re here for one simple reason -- what the hell is liver lover and is it something I should consider using?

Plain and simple, LIVER LOVER is an premium-grade liver support supplement designed to support healthy liver function. It can be used by both men and women, and if you’re someone who likes to “live life to the fullest” it’s well worth consideration.


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