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What is Bloody Hell?

What is Bloody Hell?

Is there any more gratifying sensation in the gym than getting a raging muscle pump Hell no! 

There’s something sweet, savage and sublime about achieving the pump and maintaining it throughout the workout and for hours after.  The only issue is that the pump can be elusive for many and downright impossible for some. There are many factors that go into priming a muscle pump, and one of the most important ones is blood flow.

BLOODY HELL is our newest creation to help you achieve just that -- greater blood flow for bigger, nastier, longer-lasting muscle pumps!


Bloody Hell is a non-stimulant nitric oxide capsule formulated to boost NO production, enhance blood flow, increase vasodilation, and deliver massive muscle pumps! 

Bloody hell employs a multi-pathway approach to increasing blood flow via a trio of complementary ingredients in:

  • Nitrosigine
  • CellFlo6
  • VasoDrive-AP

These ingredients not only help increase the primary “fuel” that drives nitric oxide production in the body (arginine), but also activate the enzyme that catalyzes the production of nitric oxide (eNOs) and inhibit the enzyme that causes vasoconstriction. 

The end result is greater blood flow, vascularity, performance, and PUMPS!

Product Highlights

  • Stronger, longer-lasting muscle pumps
  • Increased vascularity
  • Improved blood flow
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Stimulant-free
  • Stackable


L-Arginine has long been used in pre workout supplements and pump capsules to support nitric oxide production and boost muscle pumps. The reason for this is that, in the body, arginine serves as the “fuel” for nitric oxide production.

In theory, supplementing with additional arginine should lead to greater NO production, blood flow, and muscle pumps.

However, there’s one glaring issue with L-Arginine -- IT HAS TERRIBLE BIOAVAILABILITY (~20% at best)! 

In fact, several studies have shown that orally supplemented l-arginine (the same form used in many pre workouts), even when dosed as much as 6,000mg per day, has no benefit on nitric oxide production or athletic performance.[1,2,3]

Furthermore, high doses of L-Arginine (i.e. the kind needed to derive any noticeable benefit from the ingredient) are known to lead to considerable GI distress...this isn’t exactly what you want to happen right before you hit the gym. 

Now, here’s where Nitrosigine sets itself apart from any other arginine-based supplement on the market. 

Nitrosigine is an “enhanced” (i.e. superior) form of inositol-stabilized arginine that offers significantly improved bioavailability compared to traditional L-arginine, leading to greater increases in plasma arginine levels. This culminates in greater NO production, improved vasodilation, enhanced nutrient delivery, sustained muscle pumps, and cardiovascular support!  

In fact, Nitrosigine has been found to increase blood levels of arginine for up to six hours! 

Furthermore, research suggests that the body does NOT appear to build a tolerance to its effects over time, which means that continued supplementation with Nitrosigine may actually improve its effects!

Taken together, NItrosigine is an ideal ingredient to promote nitric oxide (NO) production setting the stage for improved blood flow, energy, focus, and PUMP!


Bloody Hell is the FIRST supplement in the USA to utilize this revolutionary ingredient. CellFlo6 is a very unique form of green tea extract created using a double-extraction process. 

Green tea extract is extremely well-known and commonly used for its pro-weight loss and cardiovascular support benefits. 

So, how is CellFlo6 different from every other run-of-the-mill green tea supplement on the market? 

Well, the novel double-extraction process increases specific galloylated procyanidins (flavonoids formed from catechin and epicatechin molecules), which are believed to exhibit endothelium-dependent relaxation (EDR) activity via stimulation of endothelial nitric oxide.

This leads to both vasodilation and vasorelaxation, which means greater blood flow, nutrient & oxygen delivery and (of course) bigger, nastier muscle pumps! 

But, that’s not all, increased NO production and more flexible blood vessels also supports cardiovascular health!

Moreover, a double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical study of CellFlo6 found that blood flow in the brachial (upper arm) area increased without a concomitant rise in blood pressure.



Last, but certainly not least, is VasoDrive-AP. 

VasoDrive-AP (aka AmealPeptide®) is a clinically proven combination of two milk protein tripeptides derived from casein – Valine-Prolyl-Proline (VPP) and Isoleucyl-Prolyl-Proline (IPP).

These groundbreaking tripeptides have been shown to have angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory properties.

ACE is a devious enzyme that causes blood vessels to constrict (which can inhibit blood flow, nutrient delivery, performance, and muscle pumps).

These peptides combat the actions of ACE allowing blood vessels to remain relaxed, promoting greater blood flow to working muscles. 

The tripeptides in VasoDrive-AP have also been shown to promote arterial flexibility/elasticity as well as support maintaining healthy blood pressure levels already within the normal range (both systolic and diastolic). This supports enhanced blood circulation throughout the body, and complements the activities of the other two ingredients in BLOODY HELL for a pump product unlike any other that not only boosts performance and muscle pumps but also supports cardiovascular health!


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