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Apollon Black Tulip Anarchy Pre-Workout and Extremely Potent Thermogenic Bringing The Heat

Apollon Black Tulip Anarchy Pre-Workout and Extremely Potent Thermogenic Bringing The Heat

Cooler weather is upon us, and as the holiday season enters full swing, many of us start to loosen the reins on our diet and exercise program (as well as our collective waistlines). And, why not?

You’ve put in months and months of hard work all year long. You’ve earned the right to relax, unwind, and enjoy food, fun, and fellowship. But, as you know, Apollon Nutrition doesn’t abide by convention. We are a different breed. When things slow down, we speed up. When people take time off work, we grind harder.

And, when the temps cool off, we ratchet up the heat! And that brings us to the newest and quite possibly the most badass release from the brand yet -- BLACK TULIP!

What is Black Tulip?

A black tulip symbolizes power & strength. 
It inspires supreme elegance and imposes indomitable power. 

Quite simply, it is strong, sexy, sleek, and lethal (much like the “boss” around Apollon -- Karalina). 

Black Tulip encompasses it all and more -- fusing the unparalleled energy and focus of Assassin with powerful thermogenic agents to ignite thermogenesis, boost calorie burning, and help you take your training sessions to the extreme. 

Now, you might be thinking “I’ve seen thermogenic pre workouts before.” And, you’d be correct. Thermogenic pre-workouts are nothing “new” to the market, or at least the idea of them isn’t new. But, to be frank, the products touted as “thermo pre workouts” or “fasted cardio pre workouts” are complete and utter garbage.

They contain trivial amounts of caffeine, beta alanine, carnitine and grains of paradise all encased in a lot of trumped up advertising. Suffice it to say, these products aren’t worth the plastic tubs they’re packaged in. With the release of Black Tulip, we bring the first real thermogenic pre workout to market -- a product that is equal parts energy, focus, performance, and thermogenic!

Intense Energy 

As with all pre workouts, caffeine forms the foundation upon which everything else thrives. Black Tulip includes TWO forms of caffeine in caffeine anhydrous (350mg) and di-caffeine malate (135mg, yielding 101.25mg). This delivers the perfect blend of fast-acting energy that hits hard and stays strong for hours to come!

As you’ve come to expect from Apollon’s arsenal of hardcore pre-workouts, caffeine is just the beginning. To further amplify the energy, focus, and motivation, we’ve also included 500mg PEA + 300mg Eria Jarensis. This powerful due brings intense feelings of euphoria and motivation to help you get amped for your workouts.

Now, PEA is rather short-lived, with its effects subsiding in about 10-15 minutes. To prolong the feel-good vibes, we’ve included 100mg of Hordenine, which acts as an MAO inhibitor. MAO is the enzyme that degrades feel-good chemicals in the body like dopamine, PEA, and norepinephrine.

Laser Focus 

Energy in a pre workout is great, but that only takes you so far. That energy needs to be harnessed and channeled so that you can get sh*t done!

To complement and enhance the focus induced by the powerful stimulants contained in Black Tulip, we’ve included:

  • 2,000mg L-Tyrosine to support dopamine production and combat feelings of fatigue induced by stress (e.g. heavy ass squats and deads)
  • 1,000mg Acetyl L-Carnitine (ALCAR) to support acetylcholine production, boost feelings of mental energy, and aid fat burning
  • 30mg Noopept to ramp up acetylcholine utilization, accelerate mental energy and focus and stimulate BDNF (an important protein in the brain that affects neuronal health and function)

Blistering Thermogenesis 

Now it’s time to bring the heat!  Black Tulip includes an aggressive complex of thermogenic supplements in:

  • 200mg Paradoxine -- premier form of grains of paradoxine that increases energy expenditure, boosts thermogenesis, and has been shown to reduce body fat
  • 50mg GBB -- dubbed “super carnitine”, GBB is a potent carnitine precursor that helps the body metabolize fat for energy and delivers a wallop of a thermogenic punch

Improved Fat Burning 

In addition to cranking up the heat, Black Tulip contains several complementary ingredients to help liberate fatty acids from stored body fat and facilitate the utilization, thereby increasing your ability to burn fat for fuel during your workouts.

  • 120mg Synephrine -- beta-adrenergic receptor agonist that helps “unlock” fat cells and release fatty acids into the bloodstream (aka lipolysis)
  • TWO forms of Yohimbine (2mg each of Alpha-Yohimbine and Yohimbine HCl) -- yohimbine serves as an alpha-receptor antagonist which inhibits a regulatory process in adipose tissue that promotes fat storage. This paired with Synephrine helps provide a two-pronged approach to freeing stored fatty acids and helping limit fat storage.
  • 3,000mg Carnitine (from L-Carnitine L-Tartrate & Acetyl L-Carnitine) -- carnitine serves as the cellular “taxi” that shuttles liberated fatty acids into the mitochondria where they can be burned for energy

Proven Performance Boosters

Remember, the primary purpose of pre workouts isn’t to increase energy, make you feel “blitzed” or give you the tingles -- it’s to help you push harder, bang out more reps, and burn more calories during your workout. 

And here is where Black Tulip truly separates itself from the other “thermogenic pre workouts” on the market:

  • 3,200mg beta-alanine to improve intracellular buffering, increase endurance, and delay the onset of fatigue
  • 2,500mg betaine anhydrous to enhance cellular hydration and muscle fullness, improve power & strength, and reduce body fat
  • 2,000mg L-Carnitine L-Tartrate to aid fat oxidation during exercise, improve endurance, and reduce the amount of exercise-induced muscle tissue damage
  • 150mg elevATP® to boost ATP production allowing for more work to get done and supporting faster recovery between sets


When it comes to premium-quality supplements (not just the best hardcore pre workout supplements), Apollon Nutrition stands alone. Black Tulip represents yet another entry in a year spent delivering not only the hardest-hitting pre workout supplements, but ones that bring an experience unlike any other. If you’re looking to experience what it’s like to attack your workouts with truly lethal cunning and unstoppable force, Black Tulip is the answer!


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