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the most intense and comprehensively built hardcore pre workout on the market, you’ve found

the most intense and comprehensively built hardcore pre workout on the market, you’ve found

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Words that once held meaning are now nothing more than a cliche’ nowadays when announcing the release of a new product. Literally everyday there is a new pre workout released.

What’s the difference between any of these copycat formulas?

Very little, if anything.

Truth be told, the pre workout market has been anything but innovative for years. Yes, there is always some new trademarked ingredient “backed by research.” It pops on the scene, and it’s immediately included by a dozen or more pre workouts trying to capitalize on the latest fad.

If you know anything about Apollon Nutrition, then you know we don’t go for fads, gimmicks or any of that other bullsh*t.

So, we’ll spare you the trumped up advertising mumbo jumbo.

ASSASSIN has cemented its reputation as the leading hardcore, premium pre workout on the market. We could dazzle you with all sorts of stats, such as:

  • 600mg caffeine (plus SEVEN other stimulants)
  • 19 fully-dosed ingredients
  • Transparent label
  • 27 grams of actives
  • Two-time Stack3D Brand of the Year

But, the truth is, you’re here for one thing -- a pre workout that kicks you in the teeth and lights a fire under your ass to get in the gym and smash PRs!

That is exactly what ASSASSIN is.

Quite simply, if you’re looking for the most intense and comprehensively built hardcore pre workout on the market, you’ve found.

For those of you who want more information about what makes this product a “must have” in the eyes of every hardcore gym rat, then feast your eyes on these details…



  • Relentless Aggression & Focus
  • Blitzkrieg Energy & Stamina
  • Burning desire to f*** s*** up!


What’s in Assassin?

  • L-Citrulline (6,000mg): Proven ergogenic that aids blood flow, NO production and muscle pumps
  • Beta Alanine (4,000mg): the “king” of endurance supplements that helps serious athletes push harder and last longer
  • Taurine (3,000mg): versatile amino acid that enhances stamina, hydration, and antioxidant status for better performance, pumps, and recovery
  • L-Tyrosine (3,000mg): supports the production of dopamine for greater motivation, focus, and stress-resistance
  • Betaine Anhydrous (2,500mg): enhances hydration, strength, power, and body composition
  • Lion’s Mane (1,000mg): medicinal mushroom that fortifies focus and stimulates neurotrophic factors that support cognitive health
  • Alpha-GPC 50% (800mg): enhances focus, athletic performance, and the mind-muscle connection by bolstering synthesis of “the learning neurotransmitter” acetylcholine
  • Phenethylamine (750mg): powerful CNS stimulant renowned for delivering fast-acting energy, euphoria, and motivation
  • Eria Jarensis (500mg): contains a variety of PEA-like compounds that deliver longer-lasting euphoria and motivation, complementing the acute effects of PEA
  • Himalayan Pink Salt (500mg): superior form of natural sodium that enhances muscle contractions and cellular hydration
  • Theobromine (500mg): chemical “cousin” of caffeine that delivers sustained, smooth energy alongside increased blood flow
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (450mg): the undisputed king of psychostimulants for performance, stamina, focus, and getting s*** done!
  • Juglans Regia Extract (400mg): contains a variety of potent polyphenols and stimulants that amplify focus, energy, and performance
  • Dicaffeine Malate (200mg): combined with caffeine anhydrous to provide the ideal blend of fast-acting and long-lasting energy, motivation, and stamina
  • Halostachine (100mg): a metabolite of PEA that delivers fast-acting energy and “feel-good” effects similar to its more well-known relative.
  • AstraGin® (50mg): research-backed blend of panax notoginseng and astragalus that improves the absorption and effectiveness of the other ingredients in ASSASSIN
  • Noopept (30mg): high-powered nootropic that works with Alpha-GPC to turbocharge mental energy and focus
  • Yohimbine HCl (3mg): aggressive stimulant derived from the Yohimbe tree that increases adrenaline and noradrenaline levels for untamed aggression
  • Alpha-Yohimbine 90% (2mg): variant of yohimbine that delivers fast-acting energy alongside heightened mood and motivation


Suggested Use

For stim-junkies and connoisseurs of aggressive pre workouts, Assassin is the strongest out there. Even you stimulant savages out there that think you know “hardcore” pre workouts, Assassin is an entity from another dimension.

As such, we recommend beginning with a ½ serving to assess tolerance.


Stacking Options

Due to the robust array of stimulants crammed into Assassin, it should only be combined with non-stimulant products, including:

  • Bare Knuckle
  • Bloody Hell
  • BloodSport
  • Cluster Bomb
  • Chainsaw
  • Enigma
  • Over the Top
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