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Reclaim Your Energy, Vitality and Staying Power!

Reclaim Your Energy, Vitality and Staying Power!

The night is young.

Temperatures are hot.

You’re primed for action…and yet, there’s a little voice in the back of your head whispering…”can you handle this?” Which, let’s be honest, that voice really means, “are you man enough for the task at hand?”

Well, we’ve created the ideal supplement to fuel your passions and performance, regardless if you’re a young buck running rampant through the town, or a “grizzled vet” (married man) traversing familiar terrain.




CASANOVA is the premier male-enhancement and energizing supplement on the market. It embodies everything that a true casanova aspires to -- relentless, unyielding vigor, vitality, and stamina.

We’ve combined the most beneficial ingredients for male performance and sexual health and delivered them in the perfect daily supplement.


CASANOVA Ingredients

Nitrosigine® (1,500mg)

Improving performance, no matter if it’s in the gym, on the field, or in the bedroom (or wherever else you choose to do the deed, hinges on proper blood flow.

Nitric oxide (NO) in an important cell-signaling molecule that performs an array of actions in the body, not the least of which is enhancing vasodilation, thereby reducing blood pressure and increasing blood flow throughout the body.

Nitrosigine®, from the ingredient wizards at Nutrition21, is at the forefront of natural nitric oxide boosters. It is a patented complex of arginine, silicate, and inositol, backed by 30 research trials, and has been found to not only increase nitric oxide levels acutely, but for several hours after.

Furthermore, it also helps suppress arginase -- the enzyme that degrades arginine (the “fuel” of nitric oxide production). Research also indicates that the effects of Nitrosigine compound with regular use, suggesting that its benefits aren’t relegated to just the moment, but tomorrow, and the days, weeks, and months that follow!

Horny Goat Weed (1,000mg)

Also known as epimedium or the aptly-put moniker “bishop's hat” (do a quick image search and see if you notice any visual similarities between a bishop’s hat and a certain male body part), horny goat weed is a botanical that contains a naturally-occurring PDE-5 inhibitor called icariin.

PDE-5 inhibitors are a class of compounds investigated by researchers for their ability to enhance male performance. Specifically, PDE-5 inhibitors blunt the activity of an enzyme that limits dilation of the arteries in a man’s most important member…this ultimately allows blood to fill the arteries and the three cylinders helping your “soldier” stand proud!

Cellflo6™ (600mg)

CellFlo6 is an ultra-premium green tea extract that is standardized for specific galloylated procyanidins (i.e. interesting bioactives naturally found in tea leaves). These compounds encourage endothelium-dependent relaxation (EDR) activity via stimulation of endothelial nitric oxide.

This encourages vasodilation and vasorelaxation, which supplies greater blood flow, oxygen, and nutrient delivery to all the areas that matter.

Testofen® (600mg)

Fenugreek is steeped in traditional medicine renowned for its libido-enhancing properties. Testofen is a novel, patented, clinically-substantiated fenugreek extract that is standardized to a proprietary matrix of saponin glycosides, dubbed Fenuside™. These bioactive components are shown in human studies to support testosterone levels, boost vitality, and aid healthy sexual desire.

Furthermore, Testofen may also support increased muscle mass and power, thereby boosting sports performance and reducing symptoms of andropause.

Longjack (600mg)

Longjack (tongkat ali) is another staple of Ayurveda that has a rich history for supporting male vitality and virility. Unfortunately, the supplement market has been plagued by ineffective, poor-quality longjack extract that are about as effective as taking a few handfuls of sawdust…

CASANOVA includes a premium 100:1 longjack root extract.

This offers superior support for libido, vitality, and male performance enhancement!

Blackvcube® (300mg)

Ginger is well-known for its use in the culinary arts. It also has been used by men for centuries as an aphrodisiac and to help support increased vitality, virility, stamina, performance, & libido.

Research indicates that Black Ginger Extract supports libido and the various components of Black Ginger Extract support the inhibition of PDE5 activity, which encourages improved sexual performance and erection quality.

Furthermore, phytocompounds in Black Ginger are known to confer relaxing properties on muscle tissue and endothelium as well as offering protection against endothelial stress via its antioxidant activities.These actions may support positive effects on the cardiovascular system.

AstraGin® (50mg)

AstraGin is a versatile and beneficial patented blend of Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus from the reputed ingredient pioneers at NuLiv Science. It boosts the absorption of numerous vital nutrients (including amino acids like L-Citrulline as well as plant phyto-actives) which support greater ingredient efficacy.

Yohimbine HCl (5.4mg)

Yohimbine is an alkaloid naturally found in the bark of the African tree Pausinystalia johimbe. It’s renowned for a sharp, fast-acting burst of energy, motivation, and focus, which is why yohimbine is commonly added to pre workout supplements and weight loss aids.

However, it also offers blood flow and libido-enhancing properties by itself as well as in combination with arginine (hint, hint Nitrosigine) as well as PDE-5 limiters (“icariin”).


Suggested Use

CASANOVA is the premier male energizing, performance, and fertility aid on the market.

Consume one serving (8 capsules) 30-60 minutes before primetime.

Additionally, CASANOVA can also be used to support cardiovascular health and athletic performance. Consume ½ serving with breakfast and the other ½ serving with dinner.


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