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KUMITE vs. Other Pre-Workouts - Apollon Nutrition

KUMITE vs. Other Pre-Workouts

By Robert Schinetsky Apollon Nutrition is known as a leader in hard-hitting, high energy pre workouts. One need look no further than our headlining pre workout Hooligan, touting a sizeable 600mg caffeine per serving, or the more exotic Assassin, which contains quite possibly the most comprehensive and diverse stimulant profile on the market, for proof that when it comes to giving consumers the most intense energy experience possible, Apollon Nutrition takes NO SHORTCUTS. But, our pre workouts are far more than just a combustible cocktail of various stimulants. Apollon Nutrition pre workouts are also packing full doses of numerous research-backed ergogenics, including creatine, beta alanine, and citrulline. Recently though, Apollon Nutrition surprised many with the release of Kumite -- a pre workout unlike anything else in the Apollon arsenal of pre workouts or any other supplement company for that matter. What is Kumite, why is it different, and who should consider using it? We’ll answer all of those questions and more ahead.

What is Kumite?

Kumite is a capsule-based pre workout training supplement designed for martial artists, fighters and combat athletes (though any athlete looking for true performance enhancement can use it). The compounds contained in Kumite have been precisely chosen for their ability to:
Increase mental and physical energy
Enhance ATP production and oxygen utilization
Boost stamina and power
Reduce perception of fatigue

What Makes Kumite Different from Other Pre Workouts?

Capsules vs Powder

Right from the outset you’ll notice a pretty big difference between Kumite and the vast majority of other pre workouts on the market -- it’s not available in powder form. What?! Isn’t flavoring one of the top criteria for judging the quality of a pre workout? While it’s easy to think that how a product tastes determines whether it’s effective or not. Truth be told, flavor has nothing to do with the actual quality or effectiveness of a pre workout. In fact, there was a time not too long ago when the attitude of most serious athletes was, “I don’t care how it tastes, I just want it to work.” Unfortunately in recent years, flavoring has become equal to (and possibly surpassed) effectiveness, purity of ingredients, and dosing when it comes to judging product quality, so much so that if your product doesn’t taste exceptional, your company is royally screwed. Now, that’s not to say that Apollon Nutrition products don’t taste great. (And, if you need proof for how “next-level” our flavoring is, just go check out 50/50 Formula-X protein powder or Chainsaw BCAA for confirmation that we know what we’re doing when it comes to making supplements taste great.) That begets the question then, why make Kumite a capsule-based pre workout versus another dynamite-tasting one? Quite simply, performance. In consulting with real combat and endurance athletes during the formulation of Kumite, we were repeatedly told that, prior to going into a sparring bout or endurance training session, athletes did not want to be guzzling down a shaker full of water just to get their pre workout. In fact, most reported feeling slow and sluggish when having to drink most conventional pre workout formulas. By opting for capsules, we are able to provide athletes with the compounds they need to perform at a high level without giving them the sensation of feeling slow or heavy, or experiencing the “water sloshing around the stomach” feeling that occurs after downing a shaker full of pre workout.

Performance Over Stims & Pumps

Another stark difference between Kumite and Apollon’s other pre workout offerings is that it doesn’t include the usual high amount of stimulants or nitric oxide boosters that Apollon pre workouts are known for. In fact, Kumite is rather “tame” from a stimulant standpoint in that it “only” contains 250mg caffeine split between the fast-acting caffeine anhydrous and the slower-acting dicaffeine malate. There’s also no heaping amount of citrulline, agmatine, or any other Why not include more caffeine or a boatload of L-Citrulline? Again, it’s all about performance. Loading up on a bunch of stimulants prior to a sparring session is a great way to get winded quickly, hinder intra-round recovery, reduce blood flow, and skyrocket heart rate. Kumite includes a moderate dose of caffeine that stimulates and motivates the mind and body without going overboard. Regarding “the pump”, anyone who’s stepped in the ring or done a lot of heavy bag work can attest to the “inconveniences” that accompanies taking a pump pre workout prior to training. While the enhanced blood flow is definitely a plus for training and endurance, the muscle pumps tend to become uncomfortable the longer the training bout lasts, often resulting in decreased range of motion and flexibility. For this reason, Kumite does not include L-Citrulline or Citrulline Malate. We have, however, included caffeine’s “little brother” theobromine which acts as a vasorelaxant, thereby improving blood flow and circulation. When coupled with PeakO2 and elevATP, this leads to greater oxygen delivery and utilization along with enhanced ATP production, resulting in superior performance and endurance during training or competition.

The Bottom Line on Kumite

Kumite may not pack the stimulatory punch or massive pumps of other pre workouts on the market, but that’s not why it was created. Kumite was developed to be the best pre workout available for fighters, endurance athletes, and all other trainees who are serious about improving their actual performance not just getting a temporary muscle pump or feeling stimulated. Every pre workout has their time and place, but when it comes to maximizing combat performance, the only choice is Kumite.
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