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Kumite- The Pre Workout for Combat and Endurance Athletes

Kumite- The Pre Workout for Combat and Endurance Athletes

By: Robert A. Schinetsky

Kumite is a revolutionary pre workout training supplement for martial artists, fighters and combat athletes. Unlike the vast majority of pre workouts on the market that are only concerned with overstimulation or temporarily boosting aesthetics (i.e. pump products and nitric oxide boosters), Kumite is all about performance. The ingredients in Kumite have been meticulously assembled to not only stimulate and motivate you, but also enhance natural energy (ATP) production, improve stamina and power, reduce fatigue, and boost oxygen utilization during training and combat. Taken together, Kumite is the pre workout for athletes looking to go the distance and outlast their competition be it in the ring, in the gym, or on the field.

Kumite Ingredients

Caffeine (250mg yield)

As all great pre workouts do, Kumite builds itself on a sturdy foundation of the king of performance-enhancing compounds -- caffeine. Outside of creatine, no other compound has been as thoroughly tested and proven effective for improving athletic performance than caffeine. Not only does it stimulate the body and mind, caffeine also enhances fat oxidation during training, reduces the onset of fatigue, and boost stamina, power, and strength. Kumite contains TWO FORMS of caffeine in caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate, providing a total yield of 250mg caffeine per serving.

Why two forms of caffeine?

As many of you know, caffeine anhydrous provides the immediate, aggressive boost in energy, mood, motivation, and focus you need to get going. This is part of what makes Hooligan such a stellar pre workout. The issue, is that the typical fighter and combat athlete is training multiple times per day, performing a variety of different activities including cardio, lifting, sparring, and heavy bag work. Consuming 600mg of caffeine for each of these activities is most likely too much. By including a moderate amount of fast and slow-releasing caffeine, Kumite gives athletes immediate and long-lasting energy to carry them through multiple training bouts. And at only 250mg caffeine per serving, Kumite can also be used multiple times per day, should the need arise.

TeaCrine (150mg)

Bolstering the long-lasting energy of di-caffeine malate is TeaCrine, a purine alkaloid structurally similar to caffeine.[2] TeaCrine is naturally-occurring and found in a number of plants including kucha tea, coffee, and a variety of exotic fruits. Similar to caffeine, TeaCrine also binds to adenosine receptors, “blocking” adenosine from binding, which reduces fatigue and promotes greater energy, mood, alertness, and motivation. It also enhances dopamine signaling in the body as well, providing another means for enhanced motivation and mood. Best of all, TeaCrine does NOT lead to tolerance build up, the same way that caffeine does.[2] Basically, what that means, is that unlike caffeine, which has to be continually increased in dosage to feel the same effects, TeaCrine delivers the same boost in energy, focus, and mood at the same dose, time after time. But that’s not all. Studies have shown that when TeaCrine and caffeine are combined, as they are here, some pretty cool things happen. Research presented at the Fourteenth International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) Conference and Expo, showed that combining TeaCrine and Caffeine led to greater improvements in the following categories than using caffeine alone:
Improved exercise capacity and endurance.
Sustained focus
Greater alertness, attention, and information processing
A final benefit to mention about TeaCrine is that it’s energy is incredibly long-lasting, up to 6 hours post ingestion, which comes in handy for those marathon training sessions.

Theobromine (100mg)

Often referred to as caffeine’s “little brother”, theobromine is a chemically similar to caffeine and belongs to the same class of chemicals (methylxanthines) that it’s bigger, more aggressive brother does. The difference between the two is that while caffeine gives a strong, immediate boost in energy, focus, and motivation, theobromine provides a smoother, more sustained release of energy in the body. Combining the two provides a nice ying-yang of fast and slow-releasing energy that may also help protect against the notorious “energy crash” that frequently accompanies caffeine consumption. As an added bonus, theobromine may also enhance focus, improve mental performance, and reduce mental fatigue due to its ability to increase cerebral blood flow.

elevATP (150mg)

Athletes, fighters, and weight lifters are no stranger to ATP. As the cellular currency of energy production, ATP is directly tied to your ability to perform at a high level repeatedly. The problem is that the body’s stores of ATP are rather limited, and while certain supplements, such as 50/50 Creatine-X can enhance ATP regeneration in the body, there comes a point at which even sufficient amounts of creatine aren’t enough to stave off fatigue and the declining performance that accompanies it. Enter elevATP -- a highly bioavailable, exogenous form of ATP derived from a combination of ancient peat and apple extracts. Unlike supplemental forms of ATP in years past, which were not readily used by the body, elevATP has been shown in multiple human studies to not only increase cellular levels of ATP, but also:
significantly improves strength and power output via enhancing muscular excitability.
stimulates blood flow to working muscles, which supports enhanced delivery of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells, leading to increased work capacity.
Strengthens signal transduction in skeletal muscle cells, supporting muscle growth and retention (especially important during those weight cuts)
Each serving of Kumite contains the full, research-backed 150mg dose of elevATP to enhance cellular ATP levels and promote greater strength, power, stamina, and performance.

PeakO2 (2g)

Increasing ATP levels is just one piece of the performance-boosting puzzle. Another vital piece that helps form a true performance pre workout is reducing the energy and oxygen cost of exercise.

That’s where PeakO2 comes in.

For well over a decade, beta alanine has been viewed as the best supplement for improving stamina and staving off fatigue. Unfortunately, beta alanine requires several weeks, and possibly up to 2 months based off of doses commonly used in pre workouts, to reach saturation and, therefore begin noticing its endurance-boosting properties. Along with beta alanine supplementation, many users suffer the rather annoying effects of paresthesia, a.k.a. the tingles. With PeakO2 there are no tingles whatsoever, and you can start seeing the benefits of it in as little as 7 days.

So, what exactly is PeakO2?

Developed by Compound Solutions, PeakO2 is an organic-certified combination of six Ayurvedic mushrooms grown and harvested in the United States. This patented blend of mushrooms serves as powerful adaptogens, enabling athletes to “adapt” to and overcome both physical and mental stress. Additionally, human studies using PeakO2 have noted it can enhances oxygen efficiency and improves the VO2 Max. it’s also been shown to boost peak power and time to exhaustion. Kumite contains both ElevATP and PeakO2 to make athletes as efficient as possible, no matter their athletic endeavor.

Who is Kumite For?

Kumite can be used by any athlete looking to truly take their athletic performance to the next level. Be it martial arts, field sports (football, soccer, etc.), bodybuilding, powerlifting, or CrossFit, the ingredients in Kumite are meant to make you a more efficient, higher output athlete. Best of all, Kumite contains no banned substances or stimulants!


Consume one serving (i.e. 4 capsules) of Kumite 30-60 minutes prior to training.


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