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It's Time To Get Bloody– Pumps!

It's Time To Get Bloody– Pumps!

The pump is a phenom all its own. It is something that is chased by all lifters, some achieving it with greater success than others. Over the years, we’ve crafted our comprehensive line of hardcore pre workout supplements to help enhance nitric oxide production, blood flow, and cellular swelling, but never before have we released a powder that was solely devoted to maximizing the pump.

As the saying goes…some things are worth waiting for, and BloodSport is everything you’d want in a pump pre workout powder and then some. 

We taken a full-spectrum approach to helping you achieve the beefiest, nastiest, and bloodiest pumps possible by including supplements that:

  • Support nitric oxide production
  • Enhance cellular swelling
  • Aid hydration
  • Combat vasoconstriction
  • Promote muscle fullness and vascularity

Rest assured, if there is a way to enhance pumps, then it’s included in BloodSport.


It also begins by analyzing how a muscle pump is achieved and hand-picking ingredients that address each of the various mechanisms and pathways that contribute to a savage muscle pump.

At the heart of the pump is nitric oxide -- an important cell-signaling molecule that does many things in the body, including vasodilation, which relaxes blood vessels and widens them to increase circulation.  

Our bodies have two primary pathways for producing nitric oxide:

  • Citrulline→Arginine→Nitric Oxide pathway
  • Nitrate→Nitrite→Nitric Oxide pathway 

Typical pump pre-workouts only address one of these pathways (or try to address borth, but often fail miserably in the process). BloodSport includes fully-dosed ingredients that fuel both pathways, along with some additional ingredients to maximize NO production. 

For starters, we’ve included 8,000mg of L-CItrulline, which serves as the “fuel” for nitric oxide production. Citrulline is more effectively used by the body to produce NO than L-arginine supplements, making it a superior nitric oxide precursor.  

To that, we’ve also included 400mg of grape seed extract. Grape seed extract is rich in polyphenols that stimulate endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS)...the enzyme that catalyzes nitric oxide production. 

The combination of Citrulline + Grape Seed polyphenols not only helps fuel NO production but stimulates the enzyme that catalyzes the reaction to convert citrulline into NO.

To this powerful duo, we’ve also added AstraGin -- a novel complex of Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus that increases amino acid uptake, helping the body more effectively utilize Citrulline. 

With the Citrulline-based NO pathway fully addressed, it’s time to turn our attention to the Nitrate-fueled pathway. For that, we’ve included a full 3,000mg of Arginine Nitrate (NO3-T®), which delivers over 700mg of nitrate! This is a superior option for increasing nitrate levels in the blood compared to beet root powder, which is woefully low in actual nitrate, tastes terrible, and suffers from a lack of quality and consistency.

Arginine also helps reduce nitrate tolerance ensuring that you continue to achieve maximum pumps each and every time you take BloodSport.

We’ve also included a full 508mg of VasoDrive-AP®, which contains a unique pair of tri-peptides that combat ACE activity. ACE is an enzyme that limits blood flow (and therefore muscle pumps) by causing vasoconstriction. The tri-peptides in VasoDrive-AP have been found to effectively limit this pump-stunting activity, supporting greater oxygen and nutrient delivery to working muscles.

Last, but not least, we address the “water-based” facet to muscle pumps with a combination of Taurine and Himalayan pink salt. These two nutrients work together to encourage cell volumization, hydration, and muscle fullness.

Add it all together and you have a pump powder that is simply unrivaled.

How to Use BloodSport

BloodSport contains no stimulants. It is all about maximizing NO production, cellular swelling, and PUMPS.

It can be used standalone as well as stacked with any of our other stimulant-inclusive products, such as:

For absolute stupid bloody pumps, you can try the formidable combination of Bloody Hell and BloodSport.



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