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Robert Issues A Challenge To Michele Zandman-Frankel of RevolutioniZe

Robert Issues A Challenge To Michele Zandman-Frankel of RevolutioniZe

IFBB Pro Figure athlete Michele Zandman Frankel, owner of RevolutioniZe Nutrition recently stopped by Apollon Gym in Edison, NJ to get a training session in. As she was dialing up the intensity, Robert Samborsky, Apollon Nutrition founder, noticed how hard she was training– noting that "she looked like she was preparing for a show!"

At the end of her workout, Robert interrupted and issued an 8 week challenge for Michele to get in shape. What's at stake? Bragging rights to stay in shape for Summer for a photoshoot to be held the first week in August 2021 at Apollon Gym. "Challenge accepted!"  

Michele said, "I love my clients and I love seeing them succeed. The truth is sometimes life challenges them to be consistent especially over the Summer.  So this challenge is a perfect way for me to demonstrate that if I can train and stay on track through the Summer using flexible nutrition to reach my goal, they can do it too. Lets go!!" 

Robert and Michele have been working together for the last few years through Apollon Nutrition. Michele uses only Apollon products and recommends them to her all of her clients as well. 

Learn How To Stay In Shape This Summer

If you know Michele she does not back down from a good challenge! Over the next 8 weeks follow Michele on @revzandman as she documents her journey leading by example. She will be logging her nutrition program, training and supplementation protocol. Michele will also be doing a giveaway each week so follow her and enter to win. You don't want to miss this! 

Who Is Michele Zandman-Frankel?

RevolutioniZe Your Body!

RevolutioniZe has developed an exclusive nutritional program that can be adapted to anyone's specific goals. Together, they carve a path to health and happiness through a solid support system that optimizes your fitness and nutrition.

RevolutioniZe has expertise in all areas of nutrition including fat loss, muscle gain, body transformation, overall health for the every day life, to nutrition for NPC bikini and figure competitions. Whether you want to slim down and practice a healthy lifestyle or you need a contest prep coach for your next NPC fitness competition, we have the programs to fit your needs. For a free consultation visit


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