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HEALTH should always be your #1 priority!

HEALTH should always be your #1 priority!

By TNXT Coach Kim Meano
You've embarked on your new fitness journey- either for weight loss, health reasons, self-image...whatever the reason.
You've joined the gym. Attempted a diet. And what happened? It didn't work so well. Back to the panic.
Too many turn to social media to get "ideas" on how to diet. The problem is that the people responding advise a textbook diet which works only for a little while and they're "prescribing" an ineffective nutrition plan. "Follow this, it worked for me." Hate to break it to you, but you can put someone in a bad position by doing this; sometimes even in the hospital. The coach has zero clue about the person asking for ideas. In fact, most people even ASKING for advice have little knowledge of their OWN issues.
The coaches at TNXT require clients to get full blood panels. This helps to determine the type of diet & supplements that will work best; keeping health as the #1 priority. This applies to any stage of someone's transformation.
I often cringe at a post in some group that has nothing to do with fitness: "Help! I've tried this diet and it didn't work. I'm addicted to carbs. What worked for you? Oh and please don't post a product you're trying to sell." The responses on such posts amaze me; someone posted a diet from an Endocrinologist for a pre-diabetic patient. The problem is that the person seeking advice doesn't fit the category! People need to STOP this and start INVESTING in their health. Instead of Google, Facebook & Instagram "models", seek professionals that can GUIDE you.
HEALTH should always be your #1 priority. Not how FAST you can lose weight, but how FAST you can put muscle on. HEALTH. Wake up, society! You have ONE life ~ ONE body! Take care of it!
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