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Apollon Nutrition Company History

Apollon Nutrition Company History





EDISON, NJ: Established in 1975, Apollon Gym is known nationwide as a premier “hardcore” gym. Throughout its' history the gym produced a number champions in multiple sports including bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, MMA, etc.

Robert and Marina Samborsky purchased the gym in 2008 and built upon its'  reputation as a hardcore training facility. Apollon Gym is absolutely packed with some of the best equipment that a real gym should have on its floor! That is the very reason why elite athletes from around the tri-state area come to the gym to train.

Robert began his love for training at a young age, participating in sambo and boxing. At 35 years young, he starting taking Muay Thai classes with his friend Dan Miragliotta, a UFC referee, in New Jersey. Shortly thereafter, Robert left the states to train in Holland and later at the famous AKA Thailand where he went on to win three fights by knockout. He also has four fights under his belt with the World Kickboxing Championship in Italy. Samborsky doesn't just talk about hardcore training, he walks the walk.

In 2015, Robert and Marina launched Apollon Nutrition.
The original idea behind the hardcore brand was to create products that catered to the members of Apollon Gym, that have high expectations when it comes to the quality of supplements.

Robert identified a gap in the market, where the majority of brands emphasized profits over quality by producing mostly proprietary blend products, which in most cases were not up to par with clinical studies on proper dosing of ingredients. Samborsky felt like a lot of brands did not meet the requirements and high expectations of elite athletes.

As it is often seen in business, when you have a great product, it creates brand awareness through word of mouth. Soon the demand for Apollon Nutrition had grown beyond the walls of Apollon Gym and they started selling directly online. Now the Apollon Nutrition line is available in many retail stores and gyms around the country. The brand’s popularity also has international reach and is in demand in many parts of the world.

Today, Team Apollon is also represented by athletes from a variety of sports, including UFC stars Corey Anderson and Karl Roberson, Classic Physique Pro Kirill Khudaiev, Top Heavyweight Boxer Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller, Muay Thai Legend Liam Harrison and many others.

Apollon Nutrition’s success is driven by the combination of great quality ingredients with full transparency of its' products and unique delicious flavors.

Another major contributing factor is the team behind the brand, which consists of a

passionate, hardworking group of individuals that truly care about both, their products and their customers. The team has a do not stop mentality, as they constantly strive to get better by introducing new cutting-edge products, exciting flavors and they consistently look to upgrade their premium product line.

When Robert was asked what's next? He simply stated– "The best is yet to come!"


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