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3 Benefits of ElevATP That Can Transform Your Training

3 Benefits of ElevATP That Can Transform Your Training

When you think about exercise, training, and performance, one thing you’ve probably heard is that ATP plays a crucial role – and it does.  ATP or adenosine triphosphate is an energy-carrying molecule that helps your body function optimally – including all the way down to the cellular level.  We mostly hear about it in terms of energy production for skeletal muscle during workouts and how it can help improve body composition.  One area where we talk about ATP and its production is through a supplement like creatine which is the most research supplement on the market.  Well, that’s where ElevATP comes into play and the conversation.

Now, you might be wonder what exactly is ElevATP?  ElevATP is a patented ingredient produced by FutureCeuticals, Inc.  They describe ElevATP as “a natural combination of ancient peat and apple polyphenols clinically shown to increase levels of endogenous ATP and support improved strength, power, and performance in resistance-trained athletes.”  Additionally, ElevATP was awarded Ingredient of the Year in the Sports Nutrition Category by NutraIngredients-USA.

Unlike some supplements on the market that are only being tested on rodents, ElevATP has been studied on humans.  It is an all-natural supplement that is considered gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and non-GMO.

Supplementing with creatine on its own has its own set of advantages, but when combined with ElevATP you have the ability to multiply and compound the effects.  Unlike creatine, which can take weeks to help fully saturate the muscles (or within a week when you follow a loading protocol), ElevATP starts to work 15-30 minutes after consumption – making it a faster and more effective means of improving ATP in the muscles. 

While supplementing with products like creatine are extremely beneficial, supplementing with ElevATP has its own set of benefits.  ElevATP helps our body naturally produce and increase its own ATP which provides a few key benefits to those who exercise regularly or who are competitive athletes.  Unlike creatine (monohydrate) which needs to be taken in doses around 5g for maintenance, ElevATP can provide benefits with as little as 150mg on the first dosage.

If you are interested in aesthetics and performance, below are three of the main benefits of supplementing with ElevATP.


1. Increase in Lean Muscle Mass

When we lift weights and resistance train, we put ourselves under an anaerobic workload in an effort to achieve hypertrophy.  This is accomplished through short bursts of movement (muscular contractions).  As you exercise, you use up ATP as an energy source.  As ATP is used up, your workout begins to suffer and you start to fatigue and you aren’t able to produce intense muscular contractions.  While creatine is great for increasing ATP levels, through supplementing with ElevATP, you can produce more on your own naturally, which can allow you to push yourself harder in the gym. 

Through the increase of energy production (with ElevATP) during training, research has shown that you are better able to break down the muscle fibers to allow them to come back bigger, stronger, and thicker – ultimately increasing your overall lean muscle mass.ElevATP can also help stimulate blood flow which can help shuttle nutrients into the muscle.  Ultimately, this all leads to promoting the growth and retention of lean body mass.

Obviously, supplementing with creatine and ElevATP can help with resistance training.  But it doesn’t stop there if you’re looking to see substantial results.  Supplements can only take your physique so far.  When you combine a solid nutritional plan into the mix and provide adequate rest, you have the ability to substantially change your overall body composition.


2. Boost in Strength

If you build lean mass, muscle fibers become stronger.  The increase in muscle strength through what was discussed in our first benefit is just the beginning.  ElevATP has been shown to, by itself, be able to improve strength and power adaptions.

Researchers looked at how ElevATP affected 1-RM on major lifts and found increases in strength for both the squat and deadlift when compared to the placebo group.

The more ATP you have present to be used, the higher your total output of strength will be.  ElevATP provides you with the added levels of ATP to allow you to push more weight during your workouts.  As your body adapts to the increase in strength, you will be able to apply progressive overload to your workouts and can allow yourself the ability to increase your weights with each workout.


3. Enhance Performance

ATP is a limiting factor when it comes to overall performance levels.  As ATP becomes depleted, muscular contractions aren't as strong, and fatigue starts to set in.  With ElevATP, you can boost your body's ability to produce ATP naturally.  Not only does this help increase your workout capacityto perform harder and longer when training, but it can also help you increase recovery time between sets and post-workout as well.  This increase in recovery allows you to get back to training quicker without taxing the body and potentially overtraining.

One study conducted using ElevATP and a placebo showed that even when subjects did not exercise regularly, they were able to significantly increase their exercise performance as well as increase their daily caloric burn when supplementing with ElevATP versus the placebo.

If you’re an athlete this is important as supplementing with ElevATP can help you fully recover before you step back on the court, field, or mat – providing you with a competitive advantage.


What Can You Do to Increase Your Own Natural ATP Production?

One product that uses the power of ElevATP is Apollon Nutrition Creatine-X.  Creatine-X is a creatine matrix product that also includes a clinical dose of patented ElevATP (150mg).  In order to unleash the full potential of this product, it is to be used pre-workout, intra-workout, or post-workout.

The product itself is unflavored which allows it to be mixed with any other liquid or product you may be using in any of those instances.  On non-training days, Creatine-X is to be used like any other creatine product where one serving should be consumed for maintenance.

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  • at 80 yrs of age, & 155 lbs. can elevatp help my workouts which I do daily but with no weights ?

    bill bacon

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