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Clear Protein

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The benefits of whey protein are undeniable. It’s effective for supporting muscle growth, fat loss, and overall health.

There’s a reason it continues to be a staple supplement year in and year out among gym rats. Protein powder consumption has also exploded among more casual fitness enthusiasts as the mainstream audience learns the importance and power of protein.

Traditional protein shakes are rich, thick, and creamy tasting. These dessert-like powders are fantastic, but what about those times when you’re not in the mood for an ultra-decadent shake, like when summer rolls around and temperatures are routinely in the upper 90s and 100s.

Chugging an indulgent shake isn’t the most enticing prospect.

At the same time, though, having a quick, affordable, and delicious high-protein shake is incredibly convenient.

So, we sought to create a whey protein shake that offers all the same benefits as traditional whey protein powder but with a light, refreshing, and juice-like flavor.

The result was clear …


Apollon Clear Protein

We start with the king of protein -- whey protein. It’s cross-flow, ultra nano-filtered and cold-processed. 

This unique process creates a light and refreshing protein drink that’s more juice-like than your typical thick, creamy protein shake.

In true Apollon fashion, we created not one, but three juicy clear protein flavors in:

      Blue Raspberry

      Kiwi Strawberry


Apollon Clear Protein Benefits

      22 grams protein per serving

      90 calories per scoop

      Light, refreshing taste

      Easy mixing

      Rich in BCAAs

Why Use Apollon Clear Protein?

Consuming enough protein each day is vital, regardless of your goals, be it muscle building, fat loss, body recomposition, sports performance, or general health and well-being.

Without adequate protein, your body lacks the critical building blocks (essential amino acids -- EAAs) it needs to repair muscles, build new muscle tissue, synthesize hormones, and nourish healthy hair, skin & nails.

Is it possible to get all of your protein from “whole” foods?

Absolutely, and for the record whey protein is a whole food. It’s just that sometimes we’re short on time (and maybe slacked on our meal prep) and we need something on short notice.

Apollon Clear offers a simpler, more convenient, and affordable means to hitting your protein goal that requires no cooking and very little prep or clean up.


How Does Clear Protein Taste?

Apollon Clear offers a clean, refreshing and fruity flavor with a juice-like texture.


Is Clear Protein Better (or Worse) Than Whey Protein?

Clear protein powder is whey protein, meaning it offers all the same benefits -- high bioavailability, speedy digestion, complete essential amino acid profile, naturally high in BCAAs, etc.

The difference between clear protein and “conventional” (milky-tasting) whey protein is that Apollon Clear undergoes a special process that enhances clarity and creates a neutral base (aka non-milky taste). To this we add our unique flavoring, thereby creating light, fruity, and refreshing flavors that can be enjoyed anytime of day or season of the year.


How to Use Apollon Clear Protein

Apollon Clear Whey is light, refreshing, and juicy-tasting.

Use a scoop pre-workout, post-workout, or any other time during the day to nourish your muscles, quench your thirst, and satisfy your cravings for something sweet.

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