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Planning on Competing?

Planning on Competing?

Here’s a rough breakdown of what to expect by Kim Goodhartz, TNXT Coach! 20 weeks out: Find a coach! Look for someone with a good reputation. This means… look for someone who has a long resume of experience in this field. This coach should be someone who you can trust with your body and your overall well-being. A trustworthy coach is going to ask you what your goals are and will be honest with you about setting a realistic show date. Prepping for a show takes time and patience. Find a coach who is ready to take this wild ride with you! Team No Xcuses Training has 3 coaches. Jamie, Kim G., and Kim M. all have the credentials and the knowledge to take your body where it needs to be in terms of diet, exercise, and stage posing. Before starting with TNXT, we ask for a full blood panel to be done with your doctor so that we can ensure that your body is healthy and ready to take on competition prep safely! 16 weeks out: Register online for your NPC card. This card is good until the last show of the year. After that, it must be renewed for the next year. At this point, your coach can help you narrow down which shows you could possibly compete, but do not register without your coach agreeing on a show. The point of having a coach is so that you can collaborate together on a realistic show date. Your coach wants you to look your absolute best before you strut your stuff. 12 weeks out: This is the time where you are starting to see some serious changes in your physique! Congrats! At this point, you should be working with a posing coach to ensure that you are learning the mandatory poses for your show. Ladies, ORDER YOUR HEELS! These heels are not very comfortable and most of you do not often walk around in 4 inch clear plastic heels. You must come to your posing session with your heels! Men, if you are competing in Classic Physique or Body Building, you will start to work on your posing routine for the night show. Make sure you are sending your check-ins on time and in your mandatory poses. Your posing coach will let you know from week to week as your body changes how your poses should be tweaked. Your posing coach will also let you know how often you need posing sessions. If you catch on quickly and feel confident, you will need less practice. If you do not feel confident or your coach thinks you need more work, you will have more posing sessions. 8 weeks out: For the ladies, this is when I recommend booking your hair and makeup artist. TNXT would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect artist that can help complete your look. You need to discuss with your makeup artist a time, a location, and send them some references as to what you would like done! This is also when I recommend you order your suit for the stage! There are many different brands and many different styles. If you have any questions or are looking for recommendations on a brand or a style, you can ask your coach! For the ladies, this suit fabric should work best with your skin tone and hair color. Suits can be affordable or range to over the top prices. The amount of money you are willing to spend on a suit and how sparkley you want it to be, can be a tough call and your coach is ready to help you make the best decision for your body and wallet. Spending more money on a suit does not ensure that you will place higher. For men’s physique, you want board shorts that fit you properly and pick a color that looks best with your skin tone. Men’s classic physique must wear NPC brand black briefs. Men’s body building competitors must wear black for the day show and the night show is completely up to you. Again, ask your coach if the cut and style is correct. 5 weeks out: This is when you will book your show tanning appointment. TNXT has come to the conclusion this year that your best option is to use the tanning company who is going to be at the show. This means that if your tan gets smudged for any reason (which does happen, don’t stress out), they will fix your tan before you get on stage. This also means that they will shine you and glue you into your suit if necessary. 2 weeks out: Every diet plan is different, but if you are still using protein powders, BCAA’s, or any other extra powders, this is when they will be cut. This is also when chewing gum will be cut. Again, every plan is customized to individual needs. Your coach will send you a list of what you need to pack for show day so that you have more than enough time to grab what you need. Peak Week: Your coach will send you a day by day diet plan that must be followed to a tee! This week will consist of major diet manipulation to lean you out and dry you up! This also means that your workouts will be manipulated to deplete every muscle group and your water will be slowly cut if necessary. This is the week where you let out every last bit of energy you have and then SIT THE EFF DOWN AND RELAX. You earned it ;) 2 days out: Other than resting with your feet up, you will go to your first tanning appointment. For this, you will wear loose clothing that will not make any indents in your skin. No bras, no undies, no problem. Make sure all of your meals (and after show goodies) are prepped and ready to go for the next morning. Make sure you finish packing everything on the list your coach gives you. SHOW DAY: Be mindful of what time check-ins are at your show venue! Being on time is not just respectful, but finding a cozy spot back stage to relax before show time can be difficult if you show up late! Wake up with enough time to pack those meals! Meet with you hair and makeup artist for your appointment, if applicable. Check-ins can take a while if you are competing at a large show. Have your NPC Card and an ID in your hand to ensure that this process moves quickly for everyone. Once they check your NPC card, your height will be measured and you will be weighed depending on your gender and division. This is when you will receive your stage number! READ THIS NUMBER. LEARN THIS NUMBER. BECOME YOUR NUMBER. Most of all, DO NOT LOSE YOUR NUMBER. This number is your new identity. When you are on stage, the judges will only know you by your number. This number will be pinned to your suit on the left side. Your posing coach will teach you your poses so that you are never covering your stage number. At most shows, the order of events put the men first and the ladies last. Be mindful of the expeditors back stage because their announcements will help you keep track of what you need to be doing (relaxing, eating, having a tan touch up, being oiled, being glued, pumping up.) Also, the expeditors are super friendly and will answer your back stage questions if your coach isn’t near by. If you have friends and family attending the show, they have the option to come to the day or night show or both. The day show is typically cheaper and they will get to see you doing comparisons. The night show is where men do their posing routines, there is a guest poser, and awards will be given out. The break between the day and night show can be short or long depending on how many competitors there are at your show. Your coach will let you know what to eat in between the break. Make sure you are back at the venue by the time the night show begins if you chose to leave. Even if you do not place, YOU MUST STILL COME TO THE NIGHT SHOW. This is good sportsmanship. Everyone you meet backstage will become your new friend. You all have similar goals. You all worked your asses off! Also… pro tip… make friends with the bikini girls… they have the best snacks ;) Good luck to everyone who plans on competing in the 2018 season! On behalf of TNXT, we hope to have you on board!
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