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High Dose Caffeine 101: 5 Reasons It's Safe and Rocks Your Workouts

High Dose Caffeine 101: 5 Reasons It's Safe and Rocks Your Workouts

How much caffeine is too much caffeine? This has been a dilemma for a long time, and it is time to put it to rest once and for all. If you were to Google this topic, you would find the positive and negative impacts of high dose caffeine and would be flooded with a ton of various articles with claims all over the board. Honestly, this is reckless. The truth needs to be said and needs to be understood.

Well, it's time to end this merry-go-round of scientific research and expert views on coffee. As per the Institute for Coffee Studies at Vanderbilt University, coffee is, for the most part, good for you. It is only harmful to a specific group of people, such as pregnant women or people suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure. So, you do not need to give up on high dose caffeine – instead, we need to understand that it is beneficial for workouts and performance training.

Let's dig into why high dose caffeine is something you should consider (assuming you are healthy enough and not sensitive to caffeine). That being said, it should go without saying, but you should consult with your doctor before taking any supplements to ensure you are healthy enough to include them into your regimen and will not interact with any medications you may currently be on.

5 Reasons Why High Dose Caffeine Is Good For Workouts and Performance Training

When it comes to exercise and coffee, a little can go a long way. In recent times, coffee has become a trendy drink among athletes. Caffeine seems to function as a stimulant, which denotes that you will have increased heart rate and blood flow to your body, along with more oxygen delivered to your muscles.

Coffee is a sports supplement that is safe and effective for athletes and bodybuilders. Here, we are going to go through 5 reasons why high dose caffeine can do wonders when it comes to your workouts and performance training.

1. Caffeine Increases Endurance and Makes Your Workout More Manageable and More Efficient

Whether you hit the gym to lift weights or you prefer to take your workouts outdoors and go for a run around your city or trails, high dose caffeine intake can help boost your endurance up to around 30% and can increase your speed by 2-5% as well.

Even if you are doing HIIT workouts, coffee can have a positive impact as it can decrease the feeling of perceived pain and/or exhaustion. With high dose caffeine, glycogen consumption in your muscle may be reduced, and it can force your body to dip into your fat storage to be converted into a usable source of energy, and hence, can result in delayed muscle exhaustion and overall fatigue.

If you drink 2-3 cups of coffee before a 30-minute high-intensity workout, it may result in lower perceived muscle pain. What this does is provides you the ability to work out harder and with greater intensity without feeling exhausted – that's just part of the magic behind caffeine supplementation.

2. Caffeine Burns Fat

If your end goal for exercising is to lose fat, then caffeine can be one of the most beneficial supplements for you. High dose caffeine can significantly help your body to more effectively burn fat during your workouts. The two main reasons behind caffeine being included in fat burners are:

  • The Thermogenic Effect – Caffeine increases body temperature to help burn fat.
  • The Weaker Lipolysis Effect – Caffeine produces triglycerides that release fatty acids in the long run, and your body can use it as a viable source of fuel.

Studies have also shown that high dose caffeine has the ability to burn fat during workouts due to an increase in fat oxidation. Hence, a combination of a healthy diet, a solid workout plan, and caffeine can help you attain the physique you desire through enhanced weight loss.

3. Caffeine Helps to Improve Concentration 

Intake of high dose caffeine can increase your levels of dopamine and adrenaline. Therefore, it will have a positive impact on your concentration and overall mood. High dose caffeine may increase brain function, help you to have heightened concentration, and can help improve your memory.

When you have enhanced concentration and focus, your workouts will be more productive and worthwhile – not to mention you can achieve a greater mind-muscle connection, which may allow you to effectively activate more muscle fibers.

4. Coffee Boosts Metabolism

When you are consuming high dose caffeine, your body goes into a state of lipolysis. This is a state, as mentioned above, that releases fatty acids into your body. This is a process where your body breaks down fat and converts it to a usable energy source. To simplify what this means, caffeine has the ability to help boost your metabolism and help you to more effectively and efficiently burn body fat.

5. More Strength and Power

If you are looking for ways to increase your strength and muscle power, high dose caffeine could be quite beneficial. When you supplement with caffeine, the nerves activate your body's muscle fibers to activate greater force. When you increase force, that can lead to more strength and enhanced muscle power.

Should You Utilize High Dose Caffeine Supplements?

If you are someone who does not drink coffee, all hope isn't lost. Nor do you need to choke down black coffee or even coffee with sweeteners just to hopefully see the benefits mentioned above. There are other ways to improve your weight loss and achieve the physique you desire through dropping body fat.

But, if you are someone who drinks high dose caffeine regularly, then there's good news – you do not have to stop drinking it. In fact, maybe you should drink MORE.

The idea of getting addicted to anything is never a good thing. Hence, you can consume high dose caffeine without becoming addicted. The whole myth that high dose caffeine is unhealthy has been taken too far, and it's time to come to put it to rest. 

High dose caffeine has many health benefits and also gives you a significant boost of energy for your workouts and performance training. Keep enjoying your caffeine!

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  • Is there much of a difference between caffeine naturally derived from coffee beans or say green tea vs synthetic caffeine? I’m referring to how quickly it hits you and how long it lasts. I tend to hear naturally derived caffeine being “smoother.” Any truth to that? Thanks.

    Kirk Robinson

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