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Apollon RevolutioniZe Challenge: Michele Frankel Checks In For An Update

Apollon RevolutioniZe Challenge: Michele Frankel Checks In For An Update

We are halfway through our Apollon RevolutioniZe challenge and Michele Frankel is feeling great and looking even better. She is doing a slow and steady cut, keeping her body fueled for optimal performance as she drops body fat. She has not lost any strength on this cut. In fact, she increased her strength on many of her lifts.

As of today July 21 here is her update–

  • Down 10.5 pounds body fat
  • Down 2.5 inches around bust and back
  • Down 2.5 inches in hips
  • Down 3 inches in waist
  • Down 1 inch in each thigh
  • Down .75 inch in each arm
  • Down a size in all of her clothing

At RevolutioniZe Nutrition, they use a Fit3D scanner to track progress. Its a nifty piece of equipment that scans you head toe, and creates a 3D avatar of your body. Using an algorithm, it collects your lean mass vs. fat mass, body measurements, posture report, and other great features. Outside of the numbers, what is most important is the VISUAL changes in the 3D avatar. It provides perspective on the way you want to look and not become hard set on numbers. As an athlete, the judges don’t care what your body fat % is. They are concerned with what you look like on stage.

On a typical day, Michele enjoys eating ALL food groups and food types. Absolutely NO restriction. She simply knows how much of each food or each macronutrient she is supposed to eat following the flexible nutrition approach at RevolutioniZe Nutrition. Michele enjoys everything from cottage cheese with peaches, chicken, sweet potato, all types of veggies, lots of shrimp, rice/pasta, steak, Greek yogurt, ice cream and cookies (in the right amounts). She also has fun with flavoring her meals with different seasonings, hot sauces, mustards, and salsas. Every week she has a relaxed meal that doesn’t involve tracking, but isn’t sloppy. Just a night out with friends to enjoy different cuisines. Most of her meals are prepped by Eat Clean Bro and she primarily orders off their A La Carte menu.

Michele uses Apollon Nutrition Enigma for recovery every day, even on non-lift days. And she uses 1/2 scoop Hooligan and 1/2 scoop Hooligan Bare Knuckle (non-stim) before her lifts. She incorporate Chainsaw in to her water when she goes on mountain bike rides or hikes.

Michele is on a on a 5 day training split with rest days sprinkled in whenever needed - usually according to her crazy work schedule. Her workouts on average last 45 minutes. It’s a very intense and efficient 45 minutes. Also, believe it or not, NO CARDIO, except for a bike ride once a week. But those aren’t intended to be a “workout.” Just fun with friends that happens to be physical.

Michele said, "What is most important is that I feel EXCELLENT. My energy levels are the highest they’ve been for a long time, my strength has increased. I’m eating all of the foods that I love and none of this challenge is not taking away from the time and fun moments that I share with my family and friends."

For a free consultation, visit RevolutioniZe Nutrition and sign up today! 

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