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Karalina Malachayeva Announced CEO of Apollon Nutrition, Inc.

Edison, NJ:  Apollon Nutrition is a hardcore sports nutrition company that has seen immense growth over the past couple of years. It started as the reputable Apollon Gym in Edison, New Jersey, that moved into the world of supplements as Apollon Nutrition and has since evolved beyond the gym and expectations of its founders, Robert and Marina Samborsky.

In 2021 Apollon Nutrition came into its own, releasing more premium and advanced sports nutrition supplements than most of the competition, and all with the brand's signature, intensely dosed formulas. The effort led Apollon to win Stack3d's prestigious Brand Of The Year award, and the sudden rise brought many organizational changes and new positions.

Karalina Malachayeva was one of Apollon Nutrition's employees that stepped up and selflessly took on additional responsibilities. Her ability to lead and essentially bring the brand to a new level did not go unnoticed and made it a straightforward decision for founders Robert and Marina Samborsky to bring her on as an equal owner and hand her the role of CEO.

"Strong leadership is an important factor in every successful company, and when it comes to being a strong leader, Karalina is second to none. She is fierce, passionate, and determined, and with an unparalleled work ethic, Karalina is perfectly suited to take the reigns and push Apollon to new heights." - Robert Samborsky.

With Karalina Malachayeva and her proven leadership skills, Apollon Nutrition is positioned to continue its impressive year-on-year growth and continue to expand and provide for fans of hardcore sports nutrition supplements. The brand has already rolled out several quality Apollon products in the early months of 2022, with many more planned and in production.

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